Meri Bhabhi 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 25th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishaan lying to Shraddha and Kittu. He says Mumm wants Kunal to understand his duty. Shraddha says if this was the matter, why did you hide from us, I was tensed and afraid, I thought someone told you something and you were hiding it from us. Mummy thanks Ishaan. Kamini tells Purshottam about a new proposal for Kunal. Kunal comes there. Purshottam asks him where were you. Kunal says I m tired, shall I rest. Kamini stops him and says sit with us for sometime, talk with us. Kunal sits with them. She tells him about new proposal. He says give me a break. He gets annoyed and leaves.

Anand hugs Kittu and she is surprised. She asks why did you come home soon. He says guess it. He says I have taken Kunal to jasmeet’s house. Kittu asks why. Anand tells her everything

and she laughs. He says tell me how is the proposal. She says its nice, he will like jasmeet. Anand holds Kittu and draws her closer. He says I want a kidd. She becomes shy and says someone will see. He says let them see, I m not afraid. They stare at each other and gets closer. Anand’s phone rings and Kittu laughs. Its jasmeet’s call. jasmeet is angry on him and says my mum is happy. Anand says Kunal is dashing. She says I don’t want to marry. He says listen to me once. She says no. Kittu talks to jasmeet and says its a perfect jodi, my brother will keep you very happy.

jasmeet says I m a lawyer, and cuts the call. Kittu laughs. Kittu says they will agree later. Anand flirts with Kittu. She asks him to go and change. He leaves. Kittu thinks of calling Kamini and calls her. She asks her did you tell anything to Mummy and tells Kamini that Mummy told her everything what they spoke about Kunal. Kamini says she told everything. Kittu says yes, but I want to know from you whats the matter. Kamini says so you called me to talk about your Mummy. Kamini says don’t be a spy. Kittu says you tell me whats the matter. Kamini tells her about Kunal’s marriage. She says I want Kunal to understand what I want him to do. Kittu says fine, if I end your worries, then. Kamini asks how. Kittu says Anand and I have selected a girl, jasmeet. Kamini is happy.

Kittu says now you are happy. She tells him that jasmeet’s mum liked Kunal. Kamini blesses Anand for taking Kunal to meet jasmeet. Kamini says she is a lawyer, will she take care of the house. Kittu says yes, if Kunal likes her, its well and good. Anand comes and Kittu ends the talk.

Kamini talks to Kunal about jasmeet. Kunal is silent. Kamini is annoyed. Purshottam asks her to bring tea. Kamini leaves. Purshottam thinks of talking to Kunal. Shraddha tells everyone about her experience at school. Papa praises Shraddha. Ashish comes and Anand jokes about jaya. Anand talks about Kunal and says I have looked for a match for Kunal. Its jasmeet. Everyone are happy. Shraddha says its a good thing. Mummy says its good, did Kunal agree. Anand says jasmeet’s mum liked Kunal, I m sure Kunal and jasmeet will like each other in the first meeting.

Mummy looks at Ishaan. Kamini talks to Purshottam. She asks Kunal to meet jasmeet. She says are you saying no for marriage because of Shraddha. Kunal is shocked and denies. Kamini says I asked you not meet her but you don’t listen to me, tell me what is it. Kunal says don’t you trust. She says I don’t trust her. Kunal says take her name with respect. Purshottam says yes, he is right. Kamini gets angry. Kunal says shall I go now. Kamini says on one condition. Purshottam asks them to end the talk. Kamini says Kunal should prove that there is nothing in between them by stopping meeting Shraddha. Purshottam says will Kunal not go to Kittu’s house. Kamini says yes, he won’t. Kunal leaves.

Kunal comes to his room and is tensed. Purshottam comes to him and says you know your mum, even then you look worried, see don’t be angry. He says you can tell me about your heart. He says you and Shraddha started liking each other. Kunal is shocked. Purshottam says I will respect your decision. He asks if you and Shraddha are only friends, why do you meet her daily. Kunal listens.


Shraddha talks to Kunal about jasmeet. He asks her opinion.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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