Meri Bhabhi 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 25th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu telling Kamini that Shraddha had agreed for her condition and is ready to marry. Kamini is shocked. Jaya calls Kamini and taunts her about the marriage. Jaya asks her to leave her anger now and enjoy the marriage. Kunal comes to Kamini and looks at her. Purshottam is very happy and asks Kunal is everything fine. Kunal says ask mum, does she have any problem now, everything is happening according to her. Kamini leaves. Nani says give her some time. Kunal tells Purshottam that he convinced everyone with so much difficulty. Ishaan brings Dhruv to Shraddha. She says I can’t sleep without him. She says I will miss everyone here. Ishaan says I m happy everything sorted out, after you go, we will miss you. Dhruv jokes and they smile.

Ishaan asks Shraddha to sleep

early. He leaves smiling. Dhruv talks to Shraddha and says I have done my packing. She says I will never leave you and go. She says the marriage is happening now, I need to talk to you. She says when we go to a different house, there will be many relatives who will be new for us, you will be bored there, so I was thinking to leave you here for few days and have fun. Dhruv sleeps and does not hear this. She says Kunal and I will come to take you. She looks at him.

Papa does the arrangements. The neighbor comes to help them. Anand asks Papa to relax. Mummy talks to Kittu and asks will everything be fine. Kittu says yes, I won’t let your trust break. Dhruv comes and says I did my packing, I will go there and arrange everything in my room. Kittu says no, there are some guests staying in your room. Dhruv says no way, I will go today itself, she will never leave me, she is my mum else she will not marry. Mummy is shocked. Dhruv leaves angrily.

Anand sees Kittu worried and asks what is the matter. Kittu says Dhruv wants to go today itself, he is not listening to us. She says how to tell him why he can’t go, you have to do this work, Shraddha will get worried. Anand says Kunal should talk to his mum. Kittu says I m worried about Dhruv. Anand says I will talk to him. She says don’t tell anything to Shraddha, we are doing this for her happiness. Anand says Kunal and Shraddha should spend some time with each other, we will explain Dhruv, he will understand. Kittu says Papa does not know about this. Anand hugs her saying don’t worry. Papa calls Anand. Papa is tensed and says I should talk to Kamini.

Mummy says why, Kunal will manage everything. Papa says I m not feeling this right. Kunal’s haldi starts at his home. Kunal dances. Dadi and Nani are happy seeing him. They apply him haldi. Kamini comes and is upset seeing all this. Kamini applies him haldi and everyone takes haldi photos. Purshottam is happy and he gets Papa’s call. Papa says he wants to talk to Kamini. He says I was thinking to clear some talk. Purshottam says leave all that, haldi ceremony is going on here and Kamini is busy. Papa says fine, its ok, we will talk later. Purshottam says we will come tomorrow on time. Purshottam thinks its good Papa did not talk to Kamini else it would have been a big problem.

Mummy asks Papa what did she say. Papa says nothing. Mummy is relieved. Dhruv tells Shraddha that he will be with Kunal. Shraddha says fine, but you have to stay here for few days. Dhruv says why is everyone stopping me, why are you leaving me. She says you are my baby, I can never leave you.She hugs him and Kittu comes to them. Kittu says you have to be with us only for few days. She explains him to be from Shraddha’s side. Dhruv smiles. Kittu asks Dhruv to go and do some work in the marriage. Dhruv says fine, I will do the work and it will be best. Kittu says great, his friends will love the marriage. Shraddha also praises Dhruv. Dhruv leaves. Kittu asks Shraddha what happened. Shraddha says I trust Kunal a lot.

Kamini talks to Dhruv. Dhruv tells her that he will come with Shraddha. Kamini says no, you can’t come, your mum lied to you. Dhruv is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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