Meri Bhabhi 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 24th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand talking to Kunal about Mummy’s behavior. He says don’t feel bad of her words. Kunal says I will not feel bad, thats not the issue, I know Mummy is in tension because of Shraddha. Anand says Shraddha? Kunal says yes, I m impressed by Shraddha, she went through hard time, so Mummy might be worried about her, as she is her mum. Anand says I did not understand. Kunal says I m also worried about Shraddha. Anand says you came here to tell me this, she is my sister and you are worried, why so. Anand says don’t worry about her, we all are with her, but now we are worried about you, lets go. Anand tells Kunal you come to my house often, I guess I know the reason. Kunal is tensed and asks what. Anand says you are running away from marriage, what problem do you have

from marriage. Kunal says leave it. Anand says come with me.

Kunal says where are we going. Dhruv meets Shraddha after the school hours and asks her what she did today. She says we have fun today learning alphabets and his phonics. Papa comes and sees Shraddha and Dhruv. Dhruv sees Papa and runs to him. Papa is happy. Dhruv tells him how Shraddha had fun at the school. Shraddha saus the kids are really nice. Anand brings Kunal to jasmeet’s house. Anand asks where is jasmeet. Kunal is puzzled. Anand signs aunty about Kunal for jasmeet. Kunal is shocked that Anand brought him for jasmeet’s proposal.

Anand gives Kunal’s profile and her mum asks did you meet jasmeet. Anand asks how is the guy. Anand does not let Kunal say anything. Aunty is happy seeing Kunal and likes him. She asks how much Kunal earns. Anand says more than me, he will keep jasmeet happy. Aunty asks Kunal to learn cooking as jasmeet won’t cook for him. Anand says lets arrange Kunal and jasmeet’s meeting. Kittu calls Anand and asks him about Kunal. He says I will tell you later. Aunty likes Kunal and asks Anand to introduce Kunal to jasmeet.

Kittu is at home helping someone. Shraddha comes and sees her and praises Kittu. They discuss what happened at the school. Shraddha says Papa took Dhruv with him for icecream. Shraddha tells Kittu about Kunal’s message. She says Kunal always encourages me, don’t know why Mummy did like that, I will ask her why she did like that to Kunal, he might have felt bad. Kittu takes Mummy’s side and says maybe she did it purposely. Shraddha asks whats the matter and where is Mummy. Kittu says in Ishaan’s room. Kunal asks Anand why he brought him here and why is he forcing him for marriage. Anand says everyone will be happy.

Kunal says you should help me out. Anand tells jasmeet is a good girl, you will fall in love with her. Kunal sees Shraddha’s photo and gives the file to Anand. Anand asks is there anyone in your life. Kunal says not yet. Anand says great so meet jasmeet once.

Mummy comes to Ishaan and Ishaan is angry. Mummy talks to him and explain him how will everyone react if they about Kamini. She says I know you are annoyed with me, sorry if you felt bad. She says I will tell everyone when the chance comes. Papa loves Shraddha a lot, but someone has pointed on her, how can I tell him. He will be hurt knowing all this. Mummy says I don’t think Kunal will come here again. She says if Papa comes to know, then Papa will break all relations with Kittu’s family. Shraddha and Kittu comes there and hears partly and asks what is the matter. Ishaan says I will tell you. Mummy is shocked.

Mummy tries to stop Ishaan. Shraddha says tell me Ishaan. Ishaan says Mummy has spoken rudely with Kunal, did you feel bad Kittu. Kittu says no. Ishaan says do you know why Mummy did this… They look shocked.

Purshottam talks to Kunal about Shraddha. He says are you liking Shraddha. Kunal is shocked. Kittu asks Kamini what did she tell to Mummy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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