Meri Bhabhi 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 24th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone asking Kamini to apologize to Shraddha. She says no way and leaves. Purshottam and Dadi asks Kunal to go and apologize to Papa. Papa asks Dildaar to cancel the arrangements as the marriage won’t happen now. Dildaar says cool down, the marriage can still take place. The neighbor Sharma comes and asks did the marriage stop, whats going on. Dildaar asks him to get out. Kunal comes there and Dildaar tells him that Papa is very angry. Kunal says the marriage won’t stop any any cost. Dildaar says go inside and talk. Dildaar asks Papa not to take tension. Kittu comes to Mummy and brings juice for her. Mummy says I m fine. Kittu insists. Mummy drinks it. She says this marriage should not break, Shraddha has so many dreams.

She says Kunal brought new hope

in her life. She cries and says don’t know what will happen now. Anand says the marriage will happen, we don’t want any conditions, we should not bring ego in between. Kunal says yes Anand. Everyone are shocked to see him. Kunal says my mum is not right, her objections are not right then why are we stopping this marriage. He says Dhruv is my responsibility, I love him. Anand says we know, we have seen your rapport with him. But your mum kept condition and here Papa. Kunal says can’t we skip the conditions, we should think of something. He says Dhruv will come with me in every way, no matter what mum does, we will give her a reply by marrying, once the marriage happens, she will not try to stop it.

Mummy says you mean we do the marriage and then see. Kunal says it will happen what we want, Dhruv will be with us. Mummy says Shraddha won’t agree for this. Kittu says Kuanl is right. I will talk to Shraddha. Kunal says leave everything on me, mum won’t do anything after marriage, support me in this last try. Mummy agrees. Mummy and Kittu come to tell everything to Shraddha. Kittu says Kunal will manage everything, so don’t take tension, Dhruv will be always with you and Kunal. Shraddha is happy. Kittu says the marriage and honeymoon will also happen. Shraddha hugs Kittu.

Kittu says we were thinking that Dhruv can be with for few days till you finish your honeymoon. She says Shraddha to think again. Shraddha says I won’t marry in Dhruv’s absence. Mummy says trust Kunal, marry him, he will not let your trust break. Shraddha says why to hide from everyone that I m a mum and Dhruv is my son. Mummy says we want you to go on honeymoon alone. Kittu says come on agree, even my mum agreed. Shraddha says yes if Kamini said yes. Everyone are happy. Shraddha says I will take Dhruv after the honeymoon. Kittu hugs her.

Kunal requests Papa to let the marriage happen. Papa asks did Kamini apologize? No, she has to come here. Anand and Kittu try to convince Papa. Papa says think about Dhruv. Mummy says we will explain Dhruv, its a metter of few days. She says Shraddha and Kunal can take Dhruv after their honeymoon. Kunal says I will not separate Shraddha and Dhruv, please say yes and trust me. Papa asks what about Kamini. Kunal says sh won’t do anything after our marriage. Papa agrees as everyone insists.

Kunal asks can I meet Shraddha. Everyone ask him to leave as he will be meeting Shraddha tomorrow as her groom. Kunal smiles and leaves. Jaya comes to know that the marriage is not cancelled. Everyone are happy. Kamini locks her room and eats saying she did not eat anything since morning. Dadi and Nani ask her to eat something. Kamini thinks her idea worked and is happy. Kittu calls her and tells her that the marriage is happening tomorrow as Shraddha agreed for the condition. Kamini is shocked.

Papa says we should talk to Kamini. Mummy says Kunal will take care of everything. Papa calls Kamini.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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