Meri Bhabhi 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 24th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone deciding about Kunal and Shraddha’s marriage. Kunal tells Kittu that Shraddha is refusing to come with him on a date. Kittu asks him to take Shraddha and she will manage at home. Kunal holds Shraddha’s hand and takes her outside. Shraddha says what will everyone say, where are we going. Kunal says lets go, and roam and enjoy. She says fine, if any one says anything, you have to manage. He says fine and laughs. Kamini says the Mahurat is necessary as its Kunal’s first marriage. She says I want a good mahurat. Mummy says you are right, you can go ahead, you are groom’s mum, we have to agree with you. Purshottam says lets asks Kunal and Shraddha.

Everyone say where did they go. Kunal and Shraddha are travelling in a rickshaw. Shraddha says so

this was your surprise. Kunal says yes, I wanted to go on a ride like this. He holds her hand and says now you are my fiancee, let people see. They look at their rings and he says we are engaged. Shraddha stops the rickshaw and buys two ice golas. Kunal smiles looking at her. They eat the golas. Shraddha’s gola falls. Kunal teases her. She says give me a bite from it. He says no, its mine. She takes the gola from his hand and eats it. She teases him. They eat the gola together getting closer.

Kunal gets romantic and flirts with Shraddha. He says I fear of losing you as I got you after much difficulty. Kamini tells everyone that Kunal and Shraddha should not meet like this before marriage. Papa says now they are engaged. Kamini says no way, I m saying this as our relatives will be coming, I don’t want people to say anything. Mummy agrees and says we will do as you say. Purshottam says whatever Kamini said is right. Everyone have a laugh. Ishaan takes their photos. Kittu says its good you are smiling Anand. Anand says Kunal is very romantic, I should take tips from him. Kittu says you have learned a lot, I don’t expect more from you. He says are you challenging me. He holds her infront of everyone and Kittu says leave me.

Kamini talks to her mum and tells her about Kunal and Shraddha’s engagement. Her mum says did Kunal not get any other girl, she is a divorcee. Purshottam asks Kamini are you happy with this relation, tell me frankly seeing in my eyes. Kamini says I m doing this for Kunal’s happiness. She says I m a mother and I have always done good for my children. She says I was thinking about Kunal’s future so I was not agreeing to it, but now everyone agreed so I had to agree. She says maybe Shraddha is the girl who will keep Kunal always happy, I will be happy in his happiness. Purshottam apologizes to her. He says we should bless our children, one day you will be proud of this relation. Kamini looks on.

Kittu thinks about Kamini’s words. Anand asks what are you thinking. Kittu says I m very happy as we wanted this, but I m thinking how did my mum agree suddenly. Anand says she realized that she was alone against us. Relax, she did the engagement. Kamini calls her mum in law and tells her about Kunal’s marriage. Her mum in law is annoyed for not telling her before. Kamini asks her to come for the marriage. She asks her about the girl. Kamini tells about Shraddha and her son. Her mum in law is shocked to know that the girl is Shraddha.

Kamini tells that she is a divorcee. Her mum in law scolds her and says did Kunal not get any other girl. She praises Kunal and says he can get any girl. Kamini says Kunal chose her himself, I was also against it, but everyone agreed and convinced me. She says the Roka is over, you come soon for the marriage. Kamini looks at Kunal’s photo and smiles. Shraddha is happy looking at the ring. She sees Dhruv sleeping and comes to him. She says your all dreams have come true Dhruv. Kittu comes and Shraddha says Kunal. Kittu teases her.

Shraddha tells Kittu about the rickshaw date. Kittu says so romantic. She says Anand is not like that. Shraddha says Anand loves you by heart. Kittu says even Kunal loves you by heart. Kittu says now you are engaged, are you happy. Shraddha says Kamini accepted me, I m very happy. Shraddha says Kittu you faced a lot for our marriage, I lost courage but you did not. You became my sister, my Bhabhi. Kittu says I have always seen my sister in you. Kittu says I can do anything for your happiness. Shraddha says I will try to make everyone happy as you do. Shraddha and Kittu smile. Meri Bhabhi……..plays……….

Kunal’s Dadi comes to meet shraddha and says I want to test Shraddha. Mummy says fine, you can talk to her. Dadi says I want to talk to her alone.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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