Meri Bhabhi 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jaya telling Kamini that Kunal is there at their house. Kunal tells everyone I was free today, so shall I drop Shraddha and Dhruv to school. Kamini is hearing this on phone. Shraddha says no one will come with me to drop me, I m not a kid. Dhruv says let Kunal come with us. Papa and Anand says we all will come with you. Shraddha says no need. Kunal insists and says I will tell you some jokes on the way. Mummy says no Kunal, you don’t go. Ishaan looks on. Mummy says we decided we will surprise Shraddha, you came we are glad but this is our family and we all will go to drop her. Papa says what will happen if Kunal comes. Mummy says no need. Kittu feels bad. Kunal says fine, I will not go. He feels bad and says I will leave now wishing Shraddha all the best.


thanks him. Kunal leaves. jaya tells Kamini how Kunal got insulted. Kamini says its good. jaya thinks what happened to Kamini. Papa calls Kittu. Kittu says I will come home taking the items from the market. Anand says Papa was very happy to see Shraddha going to school, he might be feeling proud of Shraddha. Kittu is upset. Anand asks what happened. Kittu says I felt Mummy is not being normal with Kunal. Anand says even I did not feel good that Mummy is treating him like a guest. Kittu says Kunal loves to stay with more people. He gets bored staying at home. Anand says I will talk to Mummy, maybe Kunal felt bad. Kittu says yes, he does not say anything but he might be thinking too.

Kunal thinks about Mummy’s words and is hurt. He comes somewhere being upset. He thinks why Mummy told like that. He walks on the road and bumps infront of a car. People scold him and he says sorry. He calls Anand. Anand calls him back. Kunal asks Anand is he busy, he says I wanted to talk. Anand says yes, we should talk. Anand asks him to come to his office and we will have lunch together. Kunal says ok, I will come, bye. Kittu asks what did he say. Anand tells Kittu that Kunal wants to talk, I will also talk to him. Kittu says what will he talk. Anand buys roses for Kittu. Kittu is happy. Anand flirts with her. She is shy and leaves.

Shraddha is at the school and talks to her head Mam. She says I m nervous. The Mam wishes her all the best. Kunal messages Shraddha and encourages her wishing her all the best. Shraddha writes thank you and smiles.

Papa talks to Mummy about Kunal. He says you should have not reacted like this with Kunal. He asks what happened. Mummy does not reply to him and changes the topic. Papa asks her again. Ishaan says Mummy won’t be able to tell you, ask Kamini. jaya hears all this. Kittu comes and says what did my mum do. Mummy asks Ishaan to keep quiet. Ishaan says you don’t want to tell and you are asking me to be silent, why. Papa asks what happened, did Kamini tell anything. jaya says yes, it seems so. jaya asks Mummy what happened. Mummy is tensed. jaya gets her mum’s call and she leaves. Kittu asks Mummy whats the matter.

Mummy says nothing. jaya comes and says I m going to my mum’s house for one week. She says Mummy has sent my ticket. Mummy leaves. Papa jokes with Kittu. Kittu thinks what might have happened. Kittu comes to Mummy and asks her what did Kamini say. Mummy says you won’t understand, why should I tell everyone what she said. Only elders can understand. Kittu insists and asks did Kunal do anything, Mummy says no.

Kittu says you asked him to go yesterday and did not take him with us today, tell me what is it, maybe I can help you. Mummy says your mum wants Kunal to get married, even mum wants that, but Kunal is not understanding and running away from it. She says he came to us running away from the girl’s family, Kamini does not like it, so I asked him to leave, I want Kunal to spend time with Kamini as he came here after so many years. Papa laughs and talks about Kunal. He asks for tea. Kittu makes it. Kittu says I brought Amrood for you. Kittu sees Mummy is still upset.

Mummy talks to Ishaan and explains him not to tell anything to anyone. Shraddha and Kittu hears them talking. Ishaan says I will tell you. Mummy is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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