Meri Bhabhi 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha and Kunal talking on phone. Kamini and Mummy see them talking and are shocked and angry. Kamini takes Kunal’s phone and scolds him. Kunal says mum, what did you do. Kamini says is it right to talk to her at this time of night. She says you called her or she called you. He says I called her to wish her. Kamini speaks against Shraddha. Kunal says don’t tell anything to her, I don’t feel good. Kamini says I want your happiness, how can I be quiet, you don’t listen to me and do the opposite. Kuanl stops her.

Purshottam comes and hears their conversation. He asks whats going on. Kunal says dad please, take mum with you. He says everything has a limit. Kamini argues. She asks him not to meet Shraddha again. Purshottam is puzzled. Ishaan sees Mummy

sitting alone in the hall and asks her what happened. She says you are crying, why. Mummy says no. Ishaan says tell me. Mummy says nothing. Ishaan says if you hide from me, then I will also hide things from you. Mummy says you are young, you won’t understand. He asks what did Kamini tell you. She asks who told you. Ishaan says I saw you both. He asks what did she say, tell me.

Purshottam talks to Kunal and says why are you standing alone here. He says I m feeling better here. He says you should not talk to Kamini like that, she is your mum. Kunal says sorry. He says am I a kid to know whom to talk and whom to not. Purshottam says ok, I will explain your mum. Kunal says she will feel bad. He tells them about his childhood stories. Kunal smiles after his dad explains him. Mummy tells Ishaan you are not grown up to understand all this. She says nothing happened that I can tell you, you won’t be able to understand what people say against a girl.

She says people do biasing and always blame girls. No one understand the friendship between girl and a guy. Ishaan says you are talking about whom. Mummy says Shraddha. Ishaan says so Kamini is after Shraddha and Kunal, what did she think. Mummy says the world is like this only who points only on the girl. Mummy tells Ishaan you leave this on us. Ishaan asks Mummy to tell all this to Kittu. Kittu comes there and says what happened. Ishaan says I want to talk to you. Mummy is tensed. Kittu asks whats the matter.

Kittu asks Mummy and Ishaan and says you were talking about Shraddha right. Mummy says we…. the power goes. Mummy says its good. Kittu says good, why. Mummy says I brought the candles, bring it. Kittu leaves. Mummy asks Ishaan not to tell anything to Kittu. Mummy says I will tell everyone not now, but later. She says Kamini is her mum, we have to think and tell, if Kittu goes and fights with her, then. Kittu comes back and asks again. Papa and Anand comes there. Papa says I was waiting for Mummy. Anand says yes, its Shraddha’s first day at school tomorrow, what did everyone plan. Papa tells them about his plan. Mummy tells Kittu we were talking about this only. Kittu says ok, I thought something else. Papa asks where is Ashish and jaya.

The next morning, Kamini is upset. Puroshottam talks to her. She says I will go to him and takes food for him. Shraddha is ready for the school. She calls Dhruv. Everyone say we have not seen Dhruv. Everyone act like they don’t know its her first day. Everyone wishes her all the best for her first day at school. Shraddha is happy. Kittu makes her eat curd and wishes her. Kunal comes there and jaya says Kunal came to meet you. Mummy is shocked to see him.

Kunal says I will come with you to drop you at school. Dhruv is happy. Mummy stops Kunal.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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