Meri Bhabhi 22nd February 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 22nd February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 22nd February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal and Kittu crying with Kamini. Mummy says Purshottam you can’t do this, she is your wife. Papa says this is not right, we can’t do this, why did you tell her, our kids won’t want to break your relation. Mummy says I can understand Kamini’s pain, she is a mother, we wanted her to agree happily, but this is different. She says this can’t happen. Kunal says yes dad, we will not let this happen. Kunal says yes, we want to marry but with everyone’s happiness and blessings. He says mum will agree as she wants to see me happy, we don’t want you to be annoyed with mom. We can’t settle ruining your relation dad. Shraddha also agrees with Kunal.

Shraddha cries and says uncle I don’t want incomplete happiness. The marriage can’t be done now.

Anand says Kamini will you be happy making them separate. Kittu says tell something, what you want will happen, everyone are happy here except you, they will be separated forever because of you, don’t they have their life. Kittu asks is this the thing you want, please don’t do this. jaya says Kittu stop it, you should have told her before, you lied to her and now getting on her. Purshottam says all of them trustes me that I will convince you but I knew it that you will try to stop this marriage till you think you can stop it, thats why I talked to them about Roka. He scolds her. He says if our children are apart, maybe you will be happy but I can’t be happy. He says I will never be able to forgive myself and not even you. Kamini is shocked.

Dhruv asks Ishaan to open the door. He cries to go to Shraddha. Ishaan thinks what to do. He opens the door and looks for Dhruv. Ishaan sees Dhruv getting out of the window. Everyone care for Dhruv. Dhruv says Ishaan was not letting me come to you. Dhruv asks did Aunty scold you Mumma. Shraddha is silent. Dhruv asks Kunal uncle won’t you become my dad now. Kunal hugs him. Kamini looks on. Kunal lifts Dhruv and walks by Kamini’s side with Shraddha. Purshottam says Kamini you won’t be able to make them separate. He asks her to her that they are inseparable now. Kunal does the first aid to Dhruv. Kamini sees Kunal’s bonding with Dhruv. Everyone smile.

Purshottam tells Kamini that this relation won’t break. jaya stops Kamini and gives her a cold drink. She fills Kamini’s ears against everyone. She says you take Kunal with you now. Shraddha tells Kunal that this happened wit them everytime maybe this is fate. Ashish says it means Roka did not happen. Kittu says I don’t believe in fate, why should we stop because of my mum. Dhruv requests Kamini to let Kunal marry Shraddha. He promises that he will always listen to her. Everyone looks on. Dhruv says they will keep you happy, everyone are happy, please agree. Kittu asks Kamini to agree and listen to Dhruv.

Kittu says look at innocent Dhruv, if you can’t see love in his heart, you can take Kunal with you. Purshottam stops Kamini from leaving and says the trees which don’t bend breaks. Kamini tells Dhruv that I m a mother and I have always agreed to my children’s demand. She says I will agree for your mum’s marriage with your Kunal uncle. She says maybe I m wrong. Everyone are happy and smile. Kunal hugs Kamini. Purshottam thanks her. Mummy says Kamini, are you saying yes happily. Kamini says yes, I took a lot of time to think. Mummy hugs Kamini. Dhruv thanks Kamini. Shraddha smiles.

Purshottam says I m happy to announce that my wife and I are ready for Kunal and Shraddha’s engagement. Papa thanks Kamini. Kamini says Shraddha, are you still annoyed with me. Shraddha touches her feet. Kamini hugs her. Everyone claps. Kamini smiles. jaya is shocked. Mummy brings sweets for everyone. Kamini makes Shraddha have sweets by her hand. Kunal looks on happily. jaya says Kamini you have shocked me. Kamini says you don’t take tension, have sweets. Purshottam and Kamini are happy. Anand tells Kittu all this is happening because of me. Ishaan tells Ashish I think there is something fishy. Papa tells Mummy I don’t believe Kamini agreed. Everyone are happy.


Kamini tells everyone that she will consult a pandit to fix the marriage date as its Kunal’s first marriage indirectly taunting Shraddha.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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