Meri Bhabhi 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 21st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone seeing the video of the badminton tournament. jaya is annoyed as her face is not there in the video. Mummy sees Kunal and Shraddha playing and is tensed. Mummy thinks about Kamini’s words. Anand says Kunal is a good player, Dhruv says my mumma is the champion. Mummy is upset. Mummy starts crying. Papa sees her crying and is shocked. Mummy is still thinking about Kamini’s words. Papa sees her upset and comes to her. Papa tries to talk to her. He says we have spend the life together, what do you think, I don’t know you. He asks her what happened, are you oka. He asks her to cry if she wants. Mummy cries and hugs him. He says I have the life, but I did not cry, bu you cry even if someone hurts you a little. He says I know why you are crying. She says you

know. Papa says yes, even I m happy to see Shraddha happy, playing, cheering, winning.

He says it looks like she is ready to fight against odds, I felt light. He says I will not cry like you with happiness, but I can tell you. Mummy says yes. Papa asks her why she asked Kunal to leave, he might have felt bad, he is not a kid that we ask him to leave. Papa says even Kittu might have felt bad. He says Dhruv is happy with Kunal. Mummy says Kamini….. Papa says yes, I know that Kamini would do anything and our mood gets upset, so you asked him to leave. Papa says I want Shraddha to be happy always, smiling. He says I m sure that the bad days are gone from Shraddha’s life. He says did I think right about your tears, Mummy signs yes. He asks her to wipe off her tears and hugs her.

Kamini talks to jaya and jaya says why did you call me at this time. jaya asks her what happened, why did you leave without meeting us, did you tell anything to Mummy. Kamini does not tell anything. Kunal wakes up at night. Dhruv is going to sleep and tells Shraddha about his dream and he had Kunal is his dream and its a good dream. He says you don’t like Kunal right, you always scold him, don’t you like him. Shraddha asks Dhruv to sleep. She says I m not annoyed with Kunal. He says don’t be angry if he takes me for the treat.

Kunal calls Shraddha. Shraddha says Kunal, why did you call me at this time. Kunal says sorry. He asks her not to cut the call. She makes Dhruv sleep and goes out of the room to take to Kunal. Mummy is restless and goes to Shraddha’s room and does not see Shraddha. Shraddha asks Kunal why did he call her. He says I thought I would apologize to you again. He says since you did not talk to me. Shraddha says no need to say sorry. Mummy asks Shraddha are you sleeping seeing the pillows. Mummy talks to her and says I know you will be hurt but I want to tell you. Shraddha tells Kunal what people say about them. Kunal says my mom. He says I don’t know what my mom told, but I m really sorry for that by my heart, she does not understand us, but you don’t her words seriously.

He says even you did a mistake. Shraddha asks what. He says punishing me for her. He says I won’t do any mistake again and promises. Shraddha talks to him. She says I don’t like all this, we are different, we are not friends. Kunal asks why. Shraddha says your world is not mine. She sounds sad and says I don’t have time for fun, I don’t like making friends. Kunal says friendship just happens.

Mummy talks to Shraddha and says Papa will be hurt is anything happens to you, you know this. Mummy sees Shraddha is not on her bed and is shocked. She goes outside and is shocked to see Shraddha talking to Kunal so late at night. Kunal and Shraddha are still talking. Kunal jokes and Shraddha laughs.

Everyone wishes Shraddha all the best. jaya tells Shraddha that Kunal came to meet you. Everyone looks on. Kunal comes with flowers.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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