Meri Bhabhi 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 21st February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini arguing with everyone and crying. Mummy asks Ishaan to take Dhruv inside. Everyone try to convince Kamini and she shouts I won’t let this marriage happen, never. Kunal and Shraddha are shocked. Kunal says mom….Dhruv cries and asks why did Kamini come, she always scold my mum. Ishaan says everyone are there, everyone will stop her. Dhruv says I want to go to mum. Kunal says mom, please agree for this marriage. Kamini says no, never. Papa says listen to me once, even we were against this marriage, but when Purshottam told about Roka, we did not wish to exclude you. Kamini says you all are lying to me. She says you have controlled my husband, all this came from my house and I don’t know this.

She ruins the shagun items and says I will never let

this marriage happen. Kunal says no mom. Kamini says you are trapped Kunal, you will cry later. Kamini says this girl is a stain. Kunal says no mom. Mummy says we respect our daughter, but Kunal and she wants to get married. Kamini says she is a divorcee and I won’t accept her. Papa says what you have done, if I take it on my heart, I can say no to marriage like I did before, but its about Kunal and Shraddha’s life, I want to see them happy, and today I request you for their happiness. Shraddha comes and holds Papa’s hands signing no. She says my dad always lived proudly, he has never requested anyone till now. Everyone cry.

Shraddha says my dad will never request for anyone’s sake. Kittu says yes, you can’t talk to my in laws like this. Anand says we are proud of Kunal and Shraddha. Ashish says we will not request you anymore. Shraddha says I will not be scared to say that I love Kunal and I want to marry him. She says we did not want to hide it from you but everyone said you won’t agree and see it happened. We want your blessings. Kamini says stop this sweet talk. She says I know you very well Shraddha. She says Kunal, I will not ask you anything else, come with me, say no to this marriage. She takes Kunal with her. Dhruv is crying to meet Shraddha.

Ishaan brings ice cream for him. Dhruv says I want to go to my mum. Ishaan says you are a good boy right. Kunal stops Kamini and says don’t say no, forget everything, we got only one life, lets be happy. He says you are hurting me, we did not wish to hide from me, but you can’t see where is my happiness, what I want. Kunal tries to convince Kamini. Kittu also tries. Kittu says love is beautiful and only they understand who feel it. Kittu says I did all this for them. Anand came to talk to you. Why don’t you agree. Kamini says Kunal, if you marry her, then you are not my son. Purshottam says if you don’t marry her, you are not my son. Kunal is in a dilemma.

Everyone are shocked. Ishaan scolds Dhruv and asks him to be quiet in the room. Ishaan comes out. Kamini says Purshottam what happened to you. Purshottam says I m a father, I want to take my children ahead, and you are pulling them back because of your fake ego. He reminds her what she used to do for Kunal’s happiness. He says when Kunal is asking for his happiness, can’t you give. She says he is wrong. Purshottam says today you are wrong, this relation is happening by my wish, I asked them not to inform you because I knew this, you will start the drama again. She says so I m doing a drama?

Purshottam says Kunal is my son too, I did not think to sell his love, this is not about money. He says he is our son, they gave us love which we gave them. He says now they are grown up, let them take their decision, stop this emotional blackmail. He says do the duty of a mum. He says come lets support them. He says I m telling you for the last time, else this marriage will still take place and I will support Kunal, not you. Kamini is shocked. He says our relation is over from today. Everyone are shocked.

Dhruv requests Kamini and promises he will never trouble her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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