Meri Bhabhi 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 20th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini telling Shraddha that she can’t bring Dhruv with her after marriage to her house. Evryone are shocked. Bua says how can you say this, how can she live without Dhruv. Kittu says Dhruv is her son. Kamini says stop it Kittu. Kamini asks do you agree for my condition, I want a wife for my son, not a mum. Kamini says I don ‘t want Dhruv in my house. Mummy asks why did you tell yes before and now you are denying. Kamini says you all forced me to say yes. Bua says how can you tell this one night before marriage. Why did you bring shagun. Kamini says its still time, she should decide. Bua gets angry. Kamini says I m doing this for Kunal’s happiness. She says I don’t want his wife to be anyone’s mum and not his wife. Shraddha cries. Bua argues with Kamini.


says I saw how Shraddha scolded Kunal in the mall, what was Kunal’s mistake, I saw a mum in her, she will leave Kunal anytime for Dhruv. Kittu says mum listen. Kamini says she is only a mum, and asks Shraddha is she wrong. Kamini says fine, do one thing, balance Kunal and Dhruv and tell me who is more dear to you. Kamini says she will never see a father in Kunal as he is not his dad.
Papa talks to Ashish and Ishaan. They give their suggestions. Dildaar says now go and see the arrangements. Dildaar annoys Papa by his saving habit. Ashish does not like the decorations. Dildaar says you want to lose your money. Papa scolds him and says don’t do cost cutting. Papa says he is worried as Kamini came. Kamini says she did not have any problem with Dhruv, but what Shraddha did has made her alert. She says you will sink and will take my son also. She says leave Dhruv here. She says Kunal does not want an incomplete wife. Mummy says how can Shraddha leave Dhruv.

Bua says go from here, we won’t agree for this condition. Kamini says fine, I will not attend the marriage. Kittu says Kunal won’t marry without your presence, did you ask Kunal about this condition. Kamini says only Shraddha can understand my point. Mummy says its about Kunal and Shraddha, let them decide. Kamini asks Shraddha whom will she choose. Bua says can’t you see the arrangements are done. Kamini says yes, we will come tomorrow to take only Shraddha and not Dhruv. Ishaan shows Kunal and Shraddha’s pic. Dhruv says even my pic should be there. Papa smiles.

Anand asks Papa what happened. Papa says I m feeling upset as Shraddha is leaving tomorrow. He gets emotional. Bua scolds Kamini. Kittu says mum you can’t do this with her, Dhruv is her son. Mummy says Shraddha realized her mistake what she did today. She requests Kamini not to keep any condition. Shraddha says I have her answer. She says I love Kunal a lot and he is my everything. He taught me to smile and live, I can’t think of my life without him. I feel I m lukcy to have a life partner like Kunal. She says I can live the world for Kunal. Kamini asks Dhruv? Shraddha says I got angry on Kunal for Dhruv as I was worried about him.

She says I m a mum and I worry about Dhruv. She says I apologized to Kunal. Kamini says tell me your decision fast. Everyone ask Shraddha not to give any reply. Mummy says Kunal accepted Dhruv. Kamini says I won’t accept Dhruv. Shraddha says fine, I will not marry without Dhruv. She says I m his mum, he can never live without me and I can’t live without him. Kamini says so you chose your son over Kunal, I expected this from you. Shraddha says if you ask me to leave Dhruv, it won’t happen, even if the marriage breaks. Everyone are shocked.

Kamini says now where did you love go. Kamini says see she said now that she does not want to do this marriage. Mummy says you can’t do this, we will talk about it. She says if Papa knows about this condition, he will get angry. Kamini says where is the time to think. Shraddha has her son first, where is Kunal in her life. Mummy says you can’t do this. Kamini says I m ready even today but will not accept Dhruv. Shraddha cries and says you are taking my son’s happiness.

She says can you live without your son, my son is very small. Everyone cry. Shraddha says why will he live without me and how. She says he is a part of my life and I will never leave him. He says I will always choose Dhruv. I can’t starts my new life without Dhruv, I will not marry Kunal. Everyone looks on. Shraddha leaves. Mummy and Kittu go after her. Kamini smiles.

Papa says Shraddha won’t leave Dhruv, she is right. Purshottam tells Kunal that Kamini broke the marriage. Kamini says no, Shraddha said no to marriage. Kunal is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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