Meri Bhabhi 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 20th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with jaya acting innocent. She asks Kunal how come you are here. She asks Mummy where is the groom. Ashish tells her that Kunal is the groom. jaya says why did everyone not tell me till now. She says I m happy for Shraddha, but why is Kamini not here. Ashish says we did not call Kamini here, don’t tell her anything. Purshottam will tell her after the Roka. jaya says fine, I won’t say, don’t worry. She says this is my family right. She says I like this surprise. Purshottam says lets start the rituals. Kamini is on the way thinking about jaya’s words. She wishes the Roka does not happen. Her sister calls her and Kamini asks her to come after two three days. jaya tries to halt the Roka. Kunal and Shraddha sit for the rituals. Papa asks Mummy to do the aarti. Dhruv

says stop. Papa asks why. Dhruv says I want to tell something to Kunal.

Kunal says ya say. Purshottam says first let the rituals happen, we are in hurry. jaya says hear Dhruv, he is a small kid. Dhruv says you have to play cricket with me on every sunday. Kunal says promise. Kunal takes out big list and reads over. Kunal smiles and promises him everything. Shraddha looks at Kunal and smiles. jaya waits for Kamini. Kunal promises to Dhruv that he will never make Shraddha cry and will never leave them. Everyone are happy seeing Kunal promise. Shraddha and everyone smile. Dhruv says now you can marry my mum. Shraddha hugs Dhruv.

Dhruv gives Shraddha’s hand to Kunal. jaya gets Kamini’s call and she leaves. Papa says Dhruv is doing the kanyadaan, what will we call this. jaya asks when will you come. She says its a big darama going on here, hear it yourself. Kamini hears Kunal talking to Shraddha and Dhruv. Kamini gets angry. Kunal says if there is a competition, I will win the best dad and best husband’s trophy. Purshottam says come one, don’t waste time now, lets do the Rasam. Kamini is stuck in the traffic.

Mummy does the aarti. Kittu does some rituals with Anand. They give them gifts. Purshottam says I have officially stopped Shraddha for my son. Kamini reaches the house. Papa says we have also stopped Kunal for our lovely daughter. Kunal and Shraddha have an eyelock and smile. Kamini walks in. Purshottam says Roka is over now, lets make them exchange rings. Dhruv brings the rings. Kittu says stop staring and make each other wear the rings. Kunal holds Shraddha’s hand and makes her wear the ring. Kamini claps and Kunal stops. Everyone are shocked to see Kamini.

Ashish looks at jaya. Kamini says great son, congrats. She says continue what you were doing. She says I came to see my son’s Roka. jaya smiles. Kamini says I m a mum, I have dreams of seeing this. Kittu says we were going to tell you. Kamini scolds Purshottam for not telling her. Purshottam says you don’t understand them. Kamini says so you will make married without informing me. She says only Kunal’s mum was absent here, I m still alive, I did not die. Kunal says you are misunderstand us. Kamini says you still remember me right, I thought I died for you. She scolds Kunal and blames Shraddha for all this.

Kamini tells Kunal that you are not my son if you marry Shraddha. Purshottam says if you don’t marry Shraddha, you are not my son. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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