Meri Bhabhi 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 20th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha and Kittu doing Dhruv’s admission in a school. They have a talk with the principal. Kittu says there won’t be police involved. Shraddha says don’t punish the kid because of his dad. Shraddha requests her to give admission to Dhruv. The principal agrees looking at Dhruv. She admits Dhruv in her school. Anand tells jasmeet that Bobby is a cheap man. She says Bobby will be caught in his own trap. She says Bobby will not have any problem to give Shraddha the divorce. She says this should not happen in the court. Dhruv is the key. Ask Shraddha not to be emotional, she has to be smart. Shraddha and Kittu ask Dhruv to see the school. He asks will the police come here also. Kittu says no, we are there for you. Kamini calls Kittu and says Kunal came and he went

to meet you to your house.

Kittu says I am out with Shraddha, ask him to come later. Shraddha says its not good if you stop him, you go home I will do the formalities. Kamini also asks her to go home. Kittu says we will go together. Shraddha says this will take more time, you can go to meet your brother. She says take Dhruv with you. Dhruv says I will tell everyone that you are my mum, and no one can separate us. He hugs her. Shraddha cries. She says I m your Nanu’s daughter and you should always take care of me. She kisses him. Kittu takes Dhruv and leaves.

Mummy and Papa have a talk about Dhruv. Mummy says Kittu is coming home. Dhruv comes home and tells them that he got admitted in the school. Kittu says everything is fine, Shraddha will come soon, Kunal is coming so she has sent me. Kittu is excited to meet her brother. Mummy asks Kittu to make his brother’s fav food. Mummy and Kittu have a laugh on Papa. Mummy says its good that Kittu is happy, I was worried about Shraddha. Papa says yes, I cannot imagine that Bobby would do such a cheap act, you were right about him. He says I am afraid that Shraddha has to go as you went through. Mummy says we won’t let Shraddha live my life. She says I have full faith Shraddha will have someone in her life. Shraddha is on the road. Someone takes her bag from the car. Shraddha runs after the car for her bag. The car stops at a far distance and comes back towards her. Its some guy who gets out of the car showing attitude.

Shraddha is shocked to see him. He smiles seeing her. She takes her bag from him. He says you should not take your bag like this keeping money on it, I wanted to teach you a lesson. Shraddha scolds him. He jokes with her. He says be alert from now on. Someone really takes Shraddha’s bag and runs. The guy runs after him in full speed to get back Shraddha’s bag. He runs after the thief and catches the thief. He gets the bag and gives it back to Shraddha. Shraddha has an argument with him. He says it was nice meeting you and leaves. Shraddha thinks he is an antique piece.

Mummy says Kittu I will help you. But Kittu has prepared everything. Kittu shares about his brother’s choices. Mummy asks her why did Kunal not come in your marriage. Kittu says his company did not allow him. jaya comes to Kittu and says your brother came and he is very handsome. Kittu goes to meet him. The guy who met Shraddha was Kittu’s brother Kunal. Kittu hugs him and they are happy.

Shraddha comes home and meets Kunal.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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