Meri Bhabhi 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 1st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini and Kittu talking about Kunal seeing Shraddha’s earrings. Kamini panics and Kittu wonders how could it be here. Mummy plans for gifting Kunal on his engagement. jaya comes and says Papa and Mummy that they can’t contribute for gifting Kunal. Papa says we are elders and we are still alive. We don’t need the contributions. jaya leaves. Shraddha is walking slowly. jaya sees her and smiles. She goes to Shraddha and says you started walking in a day so it means I don’t need to work, so why will see about the food and other works. Shraddha says yes. jaya says take care and leaves.

Kunal comes to Shraddha’s house. Kunal comes to know that only Shraddha is at home and in kitchen right now. Kunal scares Shraddha and laughs. Shraddha says are you mad.

Kunal says yes somewhat. She says no, completely mad. He says if you say so. He says did Kittu not tell you that I m coming. She says yes, I will bring Kittu’s dresses. He sees her feet and says sit please, the doctor asked you not to work, then why are you doing. She says if I don’t do, it will be a load on Mummy. He asks her to sit. she says then how will the food be made. He says I will tell you. He says I will do, you tell me what to do and how. Shraddha smiles.

She gives him the instructions and he follows. Kunal cooks food and asks her to taste food. Shraddha likes it and says its really good. He says I m an expert in following orders. She says it means you will be a good husband. She asks him to sit in hall and she will bring Kittu’s dresses. Ashish and jaya are going home after shopping. jaya asks him to go for interview. Ashish thanks her for reminding him. She says work hard and get serious. Kamini calls Kittu and asks him what he is doing there and asks him to come home. Shraddha shouts and Kunal goes to her room cutting Kamini’s call.

Kunal asks Shraddha what happened. She says cockroach. He sees it and shouts. jaya comes home. Kunal and Shraddha fall on the bed together and Shraddha sees him closing eyes being afraid of the cockroach. Shraddha says whats this. She says the cockroach is gone, Kunal is relieved and laughs. jaya comes to see them. Shraddha says did you come here to save me or getting worried. Are you afraid of cockroach being a man. He says yes, 87% men are afraid of cockroach. jaya comes and says Kunal, you here with Shraddha in this room. Kunal says I came to collect Kittu’s dresses. jaya taunts them and says do your work, I will go. Shraddha says you stay in hall, I will bring the clothes. Kunal looks on.

Kamini calls jaya and jaya says you called on time, its romance here in our house between Kunal and Shraddha. Kamini says what are you saying. jaya says they were close in Shraddha’s room. Kamini says give your phone to Kunal. jaya ends the call. Kamini gets furious and thinks whats happening. Kunal is happy and Shraddha calls him. Its Dhruv, he says I m angry on you, I was missing you and you came here and left without meeting me. Kunal says sorry as he was in hurry. Dhruv says no I won’t forgive you, and asks him to come back. Kunal says not today. Dhruv asks him to come tomorrow. Kunal promises. Kamini tells Kittu that the romance. Kittu is shocked.

Kamini says I came to know everything. Shraddha was with Kunal, jaya told me everything. Kittu says jaya’s talk cannot be believed. Kamini says jaya saw this, and why will she lie. Kittu says don’t tell anything to Kunal. Kamini says yes, I will request him to stop meeting Shraddha. Kunal comes home and gives the clothes to Kittu. Purshottam brings Kunal’s sherwani. Kittu stops Kamini from saying anything to Kunal. Kittu asks Kunal to try the sherwani. He says later. Kamini says why later, don’t you have time, and confronts him. Kittu sends Kunal from the hall.

Kunal keeps his sherwani and starts thinking. Kittu knocks his door and asks him did you try it or not. She says I m coming inside. She sees he did not try it and asks why. He is lost in thoughts. She asks what happened, tell me. He says I need your help. She asks why. He says I m serious. Kittu laughs saying you and serious. She says fine, tell me. He says I…. She asks what is the matter, I m getting worried. She says ok, I will call Mummy. He says Kittu stop my engagement, I don’t want to get engaged. Kittu is shocked.

Shraddha tells Dhruv that Kunal is afraid of cockroach. jaya says maybe he was lying. Kunal tells his decision to Kamini.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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