Meri Bhabhi 1st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 1st March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 1st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bua doubting Kunal’s words about his love for Shraddha. She says I feel you are not selfish, you will keep Shraddha and Dhruv happy. You are a gentleman. She tells everyone that Kunal won her heart. Everyone smile. Bua asks Papa to teach Kunal all the rituals. She says Kunal can’t come in the house before marriage. Kittu says Bua is right, why did you come. Kunal says I came to give a gift. He takes Bua’s permission. He gifts the diamond ring to Shraddha. Kittu likes it and praises Kunal’s choice. Shraddha says thanks. Bua says you should have given a necklace. Kunal says its diamonds. Bua asks about Bobby. Shraddha gets upset.

Bua speaks against Bobby and says you got Kunal because of my blessings. Kunal jokes and asks for her blessings. Kamini calls jaya.

jaya says I don’t want to talk to her. Kamini talks to jaya and says Kunal does not hide anything from me. jaya says Bua have her blessings to them and Kunal promised he will keep Shraddha happy always. jaya says you have become sweet for Shraddha, you have changed. Kamini is annoyed and ends the call. Kamini talks to Purshottam about the marriage expenses. He says talk to mum how to proceed. He says its important. Anand sees Kittu and is romantic. Kittu and Anadn have a romantic talk.

Kittu asks him to propose he in SRK’s style or Salman’s style infront of everyone. Anand says its not a big deal. She challenges him. He practices I love you Kittu. Shraddha talks to Ishaan and is angry on the bad style of the new suits. Ishaan says I told you to do your work on your own. Shraddha says its my marriage. Ishaan says don’t react like Bua. She runs after him to beat him. Kittu comes to them and says Anand is going to romance today infront of everyone. Ishaan and Shraddha laughs.

Papa invites his friends. Anand comes and sees everyone. Anand looks at Kittu and walks towards her. Mummy comes and he loses confidence. Kittu smiles. Shraddha looks at Anand and laughs. Kittu teases Anand. Anand says see ahead what I do. Papa and everyone have dinner. Anand tries to touch Kittu’s feet and touches Papa. Papa pulls Anand’s leg. Anand watches Kittu while she is working. The power goes. Anand holds her and proposes to her. He kisses her. She says leave me, the light will come. Anand says come on Kiss me. Kittu is about to kiss him and power comes. Everyone are shocked to see them so close. Papa asks what was going on. Anand says Papa it was Kittu’s idea. Kittu says I did not do anything.

Papa says its good he is learning something from me. Bua comes and reacts hearing it. Mummy leaves shy. Kittu also follows her. Everyone disperse. Kunal is doing a room makeover for Dhruv. Dadi smiles. Kamini gets angry seeing all this. Kittu and Shraddha laugh on Anand. Shraddha says you have to do a lot to impress Kittu. Anand says stop it, let me work now. Papa tells some men that I did not call you, go from here, we don’t need any help. The men offer discount. Phupha comes and everyone are happy to see him.

Shraddha talks to Kunal telling him about her dream marriage. Papa and Mummy talk to Bua and Phupha. Bua and Phupha are spoiling the marriage fun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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