Meri Bhabhi 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 19th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with jaya talking to Ashish telling him that someone is coming to see Shraddha. Ashish hides the details from her. She says I want Shraddha to get married and go from here. She says it means Kunal’s chapter is closer. Purshottam says let me think son, what should I do, lets send Kamini somewhere. Kunal says come, look at her. Kamini asks the servant to clean the house. Her sister is coming, Kunal’s Maasi. Kunal says dad, what to do. Purshottam says that we never did, run away, I will also run away with you. He takes Kunal with him.

Kittu is making Shraddha ready. Kittu and Shraddha have a talk. jaya comes to them. She says I m praying her Roka happens today. Mummy comes and sees Shraddha. She is spell bound seeing her. She says I have always see myself in

you, our lives are same, I wish you get every happiness like I got, a good life partner who erases the shadow of pain, and give a good life to Dhruv and you. She blesses Shraddha and hugs her. jaya says why do I feel that you all are hiding something from me. Like its marriage today, I want to see the guy, who is he. Mummy says see in the evening, but go to parlour now. Mummy says I wish jaya comes after all the rituals.
Papa is looking at Shraddha’s photos. Shraddha comes to him. Papa is happy to see her and hugs her. He says I was seeing your photos. He recalls the old moments. He says you are my happiness. jaya comes there and hears them talking. He says I m with you, I want to see you happy, I wish that you always have this smile. Shraddha says I have hurt you a lot Papa, when I came back, I had lost everything in life, but you accepted me, I could not think what you went through, I m so sorry. Papa says everyone makes mistakes. He says I know that you will be happy now. He says Kunal is very nice and loves you a lot, I have seen in his eyes, Dhruv loves him too, you both will be very happy. Shraddha says thanks so much Papa.

Papa says Kunal and you always stay happy. jaya is shocked and says Kunal. Papa hugs Shraddha. jaya says thats why everyone are so happy. She says Kunal and Shraddha together, tahts why they are sending me out. Kamini comes to know that Purshottam and Kunal left and are not at home. She is shocked. She gets angry. jaya is trying to call Kamini and sees Purshottam and Kunal coming with the Roka shagun. Kittu asks did mum doubt. Kunal says no. Dhruv meets Kunal. Papa and everyone welcome them. Purshottam says lets finish the Roka fast. jaya thinks Kamini is unaware of this and calls her again.

Shraddha comes. Kunal is happy to see her and keeps staring. They have an eyelock. Purshottam says lets start the rituals. Kittu says Kunal can’t stop staring at you and laughs. Purshottam asks Mummy to check the items. He asks how much it will take. Papa says you are worried about Kamini. Purshottam says yes, she is not here, but she will always be with us in other functions. Mummy says yes, the marriage should be with her permission. jaya calls Kamini. jaya tells Kamini that are you finding your husband and son? Kamini says did they come there.

jaya says they are here to do Shraddha and Kunal’s roka. Kamini is shocked. jaya says come here soon, no one told me about it. Kamini says why did you not tell me before. Kamini says my husband cheated me, and not told me about Roka. She says I will come there and burn that house. jaya says don’t tell anyone that I told you. Kamini cries and gets angry.

Everyone are happy. Kunal is making Shraddha wear the ring. Kamini comes and everyone are shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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