Meri Bhabhi 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 18th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal asking for Dhruv. Kittu gets a call from someone. Kittu brings the tea which Mummy made. Kunal praises Mummy. Papa asks Mummy to thank Kunal for his appreciation. Mummy is upset. jaya asks Mummy again why is she upset. Papa asks did Kamini tell anything. Mummy says nothing, I m tired. jaya says Kamini did not bring sweets this time. Papa says thank Lord. jaya asks what did Kamini say. Ishaan says you tell jaya did you apply for the post of a spy, why are you so interested in everything. He makes fun of her. Everyone laughs. Shraddha takes Kittu’s side. Anand says lets play another match. Mummy is worried.

Kunal says I m ready, lets play. Papa says let the women be on one side, and men on other. Papa says we will have food first then play. Mummy asks

Kunal to leave. Everyone are shocked. She says Kamini might be waiting for you. She says before it gets too late, you should go home. Kunal says yes, I think I should leave. Kunal says bye to everyone. jaya says why are you sending him Mummy. Mummy says Kamini asked me to send Kunal soon. Kunal thanks her for saving him from his mum. Anand says lets go. He says tell my bye to Dhruv. Kunal leaves. Shraddha goes after Mummy.

Kamini is angry and thinks its because of Shraddha that this is happening. She says Mummy has put the blame on Kunal, she is very clever. She says Kittu is so innocent that she does not understand anything, but I’m not, I will see everyone. Mummy is tensed and cries alone in her room. Shraddha comes to her. Mummy hides her face. Shraddha asks what happened. Mummy says nothing, I m angry on your Papa. Shraddha asks her what really happened to you. Mummy says nothing, I get tired, your dad makes me tired. Shraddha says tell me the work. Mummy says what should I tell you. Shraddha asks what. Mummy says your Papa’s habit did not change ever. Shraddha asks is there anything else. Mummy says I get tensed on few things, I fear that if life gets spoiled. Shraddha says tell me the truth.

Mummy says indirectly. Kittu comes. Shraddha asks what were you saying, what went wrong. Kittu asks what happened. Shraddha tells Kittu that Mummy is hiding something, do you know. Kittu asks what happened. Mummy says nothing and makes excuses. She asks them to leave.

jaya thinks why Mummy asked Kunal to leave, what did he do. Ashish says I don’t know. jaya burns Ashish’s shirt thinking about Kamini. Ashish says you burned my new shirt. He says what should I do now. She laughs and says sorry. Ashish smiles. Anand talks to Kittu saying its strange what Mummy did today asking Kunal to leave. He says Kunal felt bad. Kittu says its ok, Kamini asked him to come home soon. Kittu says did you find it strange seeing Mummy’s mood, she looks upset. Shraddha was saying this. He says ask Mummy. Kittu says Mummy was annoyed with Papa. Anand says maybe she is right about Papa, she might be tired and irritated. Kittu says yes, even my mum is irritated because of Kunal. Kittu says Kamini always want Kunal to get married. Anand looks on.

Kunal comes to Kamini and offers her juice. Kamini asks whats all this. He says I will make you drink by my hands. He says I m really very sorry and holds his ears. She says enough, you go from here. He says where should I go. He laughs and jokes. She taunts him. He asks why did she come like this from Kittu’s house. He says why did you leave me there. She says did you ask me before going there. She says go there and stay. He says not a bad idea. He asks her not to be angry and smile. She says Kajal’s mum told me many things and I had to apologize to her. Kunal says so, the relatiob broke off. He jokes. Kamini says are you happy now, you wanted this. She says you made my insult. Kamini asks Kunal why do you want to marry. Kunal says I need time, please stop seeing girls for me. Kamini says I understand everything.

Kunal is talking to Shraddha. Kamini takes his phone and speaks against Shraddha. Shraddha is hearing their conversation and is hurt.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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