Meri Bhabhi 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 18th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts wit everyone fooling jaya about the shopping. Anand and Kittu are in their room. Kittu tries to get Anand’s attention. She says its true, all the love is only for four days. Anand scares her of lizards and she hugs him. Anand says happy valentine’s night. She smiles. Ranjhana……….. plays……… He holds her hand and says everything is fair in love and war. She says did you ever tell me that you love me. Anand says I love you and shouts I love you Kittu. Kittu shuts his mouth as he shouts. Papa asks what happened Kittu. Anand hugs Kittu and says Papa everything is fine, you also sleep. Kittu says good night. Anand gets closer to Kittu. Ranjhana……… tu hi tu hi mera Ranjhana…………….plays……….

Shraddha thinks about Papa’s words and

looks at her Roka dress. She sas I saw Papa happy for the first time today. He never complaint, always gave me love and I have hurt him so many times. She says if Dhruv hurts me in future, what will I do, I can’t bear. She thinks about Kamini. She says she will feel bad when she comes to know later.

Kunal talks to Shraddha and is happy. Shraddha asks him to tell Kamini about the Roka as she does not want to keep her in darkness. Kunal says even I m feeling burdened by hiding this from her. Kunal says you are right, its not good to hide it. Shraddha says we should tell her, no matter what happens. Kunal comes to Kamini to tell her about Shraddha. Kunal tells Kamini that its an important decision of my life. He says I m going to start a new life and dad is supporting me, I want your support. He says tomorrow……….Purshottam comes and stops Kunal. Purshottam says I will tell her. He lies to Kamini. Kunal is shocked.

Purshottam says Kunal is not going to America now. Purshottam says don’t be afraid, you are not doing a wrong thing, your mum and I will be happy if you settle down. Kamini blesses Kunal and says do whatever you want. Kunal asks are you with me mum. Purshottam asks Kunal to go ahead as he is right. Kamini says yes, go and sleep now. Kunal says I love you Maa and hugs her. Kamini smiles. Kunal cries.

Shraddha calls Kunal. Kunal talks to Anand and I m feeling guilty, my mum will be not with me in my functions. I m feeling this is not right. Anand says we will tell her after the Roka and will not say no to marriage. He says I assure you that Kamini will be in every function. Kittu asks Shraddha not to take tension. Kunal comes to Shraddha in the morning. Shraddha is sleeping.

Kunal sits by her side. She wakes up. He holds her hand and says we faced so many difficulties but today the day has come when you will become mine. He makes her wear a ring. Shraddha smiles. He kisses on her hand. Its her imagination. Kittu comes and teases her. Shraddha and Kittu have a talk and smile. Kittu hugs her. Dhruv comes and asks for his clothes. Dhruv asks about Kunal. Purshottam asks Kunal to get ready. Kunal says she will doubt on us, tell mum everything. Purshottam says she will stop the Roka if we say her.

He says she will be with you in every function. He says its my responsibility. Kamini comes to them and asks what happened. Purshottam lies to her. Kamini blesses Kunal. Kunal feels guilty. Kamini says you won’t go anywhere today. She says we have to go to airport today to receive my relative. Purshottam says we can’t go today as its Roka of my accountant’s daughter. She says we have o go to take Maasi first else she will be annoyed. Kunal says what should we do now.

Kittu tells Mummy that Shraddha was smiling in the morning. jaya asks whats special today. jaya asks whats going on, why are you making Shraddha ready. She says you all are hiding something from me. Mummy says no, you are our bahu. Mummy says someone is coming to see Shraddha today. jaya is happy. jaya asks the details of the guy and his family. Everyone looks on tensed.

Papa blesses Shraddha. jaya hears them talking. Papa says you and Kunal will be always happy. jaya is shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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