Meri Bhabhi 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 18th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand scolding Kittu for supporting Kunal. She says I was doing this fro Shraddha’s happiness. He says no way, you were doing this for Kunal, are you not ashamed to lie to us, my wife can’t do this. Kittu cries and says you are not thinking about Shraddha and Dhruv. Anand says don’t worry about them, we are still alive, we will take care of them. He says you have burned us in this fire. He says you have forgot that you are my wife, be here with your parents. He gets angry. Kittu says you said it so easily. She says you made me a stranger without thinking how much I cared about your family. Purshottam says Anand, you are thinking wrong, Kittu have always thought about your family.

He asks Anand to forgive Kittu. He says she did not cheat anyone. Kittu

says its fine, I don’t want to give any explanations. Kamini gets worried. Purshottam asks Anand not to get angry and requests him. Kittu says why are you folding your hands infront of him for my sake. He does not understand me. She says i don’t want to say anything now. Anand leaves. Kamini and Purshottam are tensed seeing him leave.

Shraddha is crying in her room thinking about Papa’s words. She thinks of Kunal and how she left him at the mandir. She thinks about Ishaan’s words. She unpacks her bag and cries. Mummy comes to her and says are you crying, for whom? She says you did not think about your dad, you can’t cry for him. You don’t feel anything for him. She says you did not care about him.

Mummy says you married Bobby against our wish, I have seen your Papa being unhappy every day, when you came back, he did not say a word against you, but he took care of you. But you got ready to hurt him again, how can you do this. Shraddha says but…. Anand comes and says no need for all this, there is nothing to explain, she does not care about Papa, he does not care about anyone. He says you can forgive her, but I will never forgive her. He says she took such a big step after I stopped her, I can’t bear all this.

Shraddha says please…. Anand says I was blind in your love, I could not see that you are not mys sister whom I used to love, you are something else now, you are no one’s. He says lets go Mummy. Shraddha cries. Anand says I don’t want to talk to her. Mummy and Anand leave. Kamini tells Kittu to understand why this happened. She says you went against your husband and your mum. She says see whats happening. Purshottam says is this the time to say this. Kamini says I asked you to stop Anand. Purshottam says Kittu won’t apologize to him. Kamini says will she with us now.

Kamini says she is a girl and should be saying sorry to her in laws. She says we should go and apologize to them. Purshottam says I know everything, let me think. Kamini says I will go and apologize to them. Kittu says no need to say sorry to them. I don’t want my parents to bend infront of them. Kamini says what if they don’t come to take you, what will I tell to the society. Kittu says fine, I won’t stay in this house, I am going. Purshottam says where are you going. He says this is your dad’s house, its your house, how can you say you will go from here.

Kamini says her house is her in laws house. Purshottam scolds Kamini. He tells Kittu not to worry about her mum and the world, and he does not care about them. He says you are with your dad, you go when you feel right. He hugs her. He takes her to her room.

Kunal is at a restaurant sitting alone. He looks at some couples and smiles. He thinks about him and Shraddha. He gets Kamini’s call. Kamini tells him what Anand did. She says Anand has left Kittu forever. She says come and see Kittu. Kunal gets shocked to know this. Kamini says you took away their daughter, now they have kicked out your sister. She says Kittu’s life has ruined. She says Anand has blamed Kittu for everything. Kuanl gets angry.

Papa is upset and is not eating anything. Papa says I think we should take Shraddha and Dhruv to Mussoorie. Anand says no need, she can go anywhere if she wants. Mummy says don’t be angry, she is your sister. jaya says this happened because of Kittu. Papa says why did Kittu not come till now. Kunal comes to Papa’s house in anger. He says where did your values go now. Will you think its right to do this with your bahu. Ashish asks Kunal to leave. Anand says how dare you come here again. Kunal says now I won’t be quiet. He says why are you angry, you are annoyed with me, beat me, I won’t say a word, but what you did with Kittu, I can’t bear it.

He says whats Kittu’s mistake, why are you punishing her. He says Kittu wanted to see Shraddha happy. He says how can you leave Kittu like this. Mummy says we did not tell anything to Kittu. Kunal says you have kicked her out of your house. Papa asks Anand whats this. Kunal says why did Anand leave her at my home. When she came here, why did you close the doors for her. Everyone are shocked. Kunal says she is more than a bahu for you all. He says I did not expect his from you all. Kunal says Anand dropped her saying he is not related to her anymore. Papa asks Anand. Mummy says did you…. Anand says yes, I dropped her at her parent’s house. Everyone look at Anand.

Mummy asks Anand to go and bring Kittu. Anand says she won’t come back as I don’t want to see her face, either of us will stay in this house. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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