Meri Bhabhi 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 17th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini taunting Mummy saying there is no match between Shraddha and Kunal, she is a divorcee with a son and Kunal is unmarried like a prince. While Shraddha is playing with Kunal and everyone are cheering up for them. Mummy says your talk is baseless, its only a misunderstanding. Mummy is worried and says did you think once what you are saying. Kamini says I m telling you because you are her mum. She says Kunal’s engagement broke because of Shraddha. Shraddha wins and everyone hugs her. Shraddha is very happy and hugs Kunal. Kamini says you see what they are doing. Mummy and Kamini see Shraddha hugging Kunal. Kamini says ask Shraddha to stay away from Kunal.

Mummy stops Kamini and says enough. She says whats the big deal if Shraddha hugs him. Kamini says

I understand everything. Mummy says there is nothing like this, who can you think, its only your doubt. Kamini says you control your Shraddha and keep her away from Kunal. Kamini says what do you think about Shraddha, I won’t hear anything about her, we know whats Shraddha going through. She only thinks about her son’s future. Kamini is angry. Everyone praise Shraddha. Kunal shakes hand with Shraddha. Kunal smiles.

Dhruv says Shraddha is the best mum. Kunal says yes, she is the best. Everyone takes family photo. Shraddha stands beside Kunal. Kittu makes Shraddha eat sweets. The laddu falls and Kunal gets it. Mummy says what can I think, I can think Kunal is after Shraddha. Mummy stops Kamini. Papa asks for sweets. Mummy says you are a mum and you also have a daughter, is it good to speak against anyone’s daughter, so you better stop Kunal. Kamini says everyone knows how Shraddha got married. Mummy says enough, not a single word more. Mummy says Shraddha is our pride and we can’t bear if anyone points at them. Kamini says I won’t forget this and leaves.

Papa says Kunal plays well and asks him to have laddus. Kamini sees Kunal with Papa and hears them talking and gets angry. jaya wants to know what happened. She asks Mummy what happened, why Kamini left. jaya asks Mummy what happened, did Kamini say anything. Everyone comes inside and Papa praises Shraddha. Anand says even Kunal played well. Mummy says I knew it Shraddha will win. Papa says Shraddha is a champion. jaya tells Kittu that your mum and left. Kunal is surprised. jaya says why did she leave so soon. Kunal says maybe she was in hurry. Anand asks why so. jaya says Kamini spoke to Mummy. Mummy says yes, but Kunal can tell us why she left so early. Everyone are puzzled.

Kunal says yes, mum is annoyed with me, I came here without telling her. Kittu asks who came in the morning. Kunal tells the girl and her family came. Anand says great, they came and you came here, when will you get married. Papa says your mum will be after you till you get married. Papa jokes. Shraddha looks on. Everyone smiles. Mummy says I will make food. Papa asks for tea and snacks. Anand calls Kunal. Shraddha asks Mummy what happened. Mummy says you will always win.

Ashish hugs jaya and she tells him did you notice anything. She says Kamini came suddenly and left without meeting anyone. Ashish says yes, Kunal said she was annoyed. jaya questions him. He says what do we have to do with us. jaya says Mummy is upset, she is hiding something. Ashish asks what. jaya says I m asking you. Mummy is upset and thinking about Kamini. Kittu comes and asks her what is the matter. Mummy says nothing. Kittu insists. Mummy makes excuses. Kittu asks her not to take her mum’s words seriously. Mummy looks on and cries. Papa asks for tea. Kittu takes tea and asks Mummy to come with her.

Mummy asks Kunal to leave. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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