Meri Bhabhi 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 17th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha being drunk and talking to Kamini. Kamini holds her head talking to her. Shraddha says I will become a good bahu and one day you will be proud of me. Papa talks to Kunal. Both of them are drunk. Papa says don’t know what will happen with Shraddha in Kamini’s presence. Kunal says no, I will take care of her. Shraddha talks to Kamini. Kamini says I will leave now. Shraddha stops her and asks why are you scared, is it after seeing our skit. Don’t worry, I know how to make parathas and besan laddoos, you order me and I will make it. I m good, see I will keep your son very happy. Shraddha says I wake up early in the morning. She says I will wake up 10 mins before uncle leave for work. Kamini thinks I will not forgive Kunal for choosing her. Shraddha says I will

come and set everything in the house.

Kunal says Papa its enough now, you can’t be after my mum always, my mum is very sweet, she loves me. Shraddha tells Kamini that she thought she is rude, but she is so nice. Kunal and Shradda bore Papa and Kamini a lot. Kunal acts like Dildaar. Papa is shocked to see Kunal acting. Ishaan says he slept, stop it now. Kamini shouts on Shraddha as Shraddha irritates her. Papa asks Ishaan to call Purshottam. Ishaan leaves.

Its morning, Papa calls Purshottam and apologizes to him. He says will you refuse for the marriage. Purshottam says no, why will I, Kunal will marry, don’t worry, everything is in control. Kamini hears them talking. Purshottam says I have some work, I will talk to you later. He ends the call. Mummy is happy that Papa apologized to him. Bua laughs and says Dildaar is still counting clothes. Kamini talks to Purshottam and says I will tell you what happened with me there. She says save me Lord from Shraddha. She asks where is Kunal.

He says lets go for shopping. She leaves. Kittu laughs hearing what Shraddha did with Kamini. Shraddha says I m tensed, what will she think about me. Kittu says my mum would have understood you were drunk. Shraddha says I will call her and say sorry. Kittu says don’t worry, everything is fine, I spoke to mum and she is fine. Shraddha is happy knowing Kamini is not annoyed with her. Kittu gets Anand’s msg that he wants to go shopping with her. Kittu says I will pick up Dhruv from school.

Kamini thinks Shraddha is so shameless that she drinks wine, I have to tell this to Kunal. She says what will happen with Kunal. Dadi and Nani comes to Kamini and asks what happened, are you fine. Dadi says do the arrangements now. Kamini is worried. Dhruv tells Kunal to share everything with Shraddha. Kunal says fine, I will call her. Kunal calls Shraddha and says Dhruv is with me. We came for shopping. Shraddha says Anand was to take him. Kunal says don’t panic. He teases her and music plays………….. She smiles getting shy. He flirts with her. She says shut up Kunal. She ends the call. Kunal smiles happily. She says stupid.

Shraddha holds Kunal’s collar and asks where is Dhruv. If anyone takes him, then what. she scolds Kunal and Kamini gets angry seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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