Meri Bhabhi 15th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 15th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 15th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha getting ready to go to the mall. Kunal calls Shraddha and asks her to come to the mall soon. He sends a bouquet for her. Kunal says I love you, I will hear this from you else marriage cancel. Jaya asks Shraddha whose call was it. Jaya takes the bouquet. Kunal calls on landline and does not talk as jaya takes the call Kunal calls on Shraddha’s mobile. Jaya asks who is it. Shraddha says my friend. Kunal says lying, I m your boyfriend, tell it to jaya. Kunal says I love you. Shraddha says no. He says fine, I have jaya’s number, she is such a sweetheart. She says the marriage will be permanently cancelled. He says tell me before sunset, bye.

Shraddha tells jaya that I m going. Jaya says lets go together. Shraddha says I m going to meet my friend.

Jaya asks who has sent this bouquet, Shraddha says maybe Ashish has sent for you. Kunal shouts I love you Shraddha. Papa and Mummy are walking in the park. Mummy gets tired. Papa us happy when Mummy scolds him. She says where are you taking me on valentine’s day. He says enjoy with me, romance was always in garden. Mummy says yes and laughs. Papa plucks a rose and gives it to her. He says its beautiful like you. She says I don’t like this filmi romance.

A constable thinks Papa is teasing Mummy and scolds him. Papa says I m her husband. He scolds Papa for plucking the flower. Papa and Mummy leave. Kunal waits for Shraddha at the mall and says her love is my life. Shraddha comes there and sees everyone clapping for Kunal. Kunal stops Shraddha. She looks at him. He shows everyone that she is my Shraddha. He asks Shraddha to tell it once. Everyone call out Shraddha and clap. Shraddha says how can this be. Kunal says come here and say. Shraddha is shy and smiles. He says I love you Shraddha. He shows her the mangalsutra for Shraddha. He says my life and death are on your name. Shraddha is called on the stage. Kunal says now tell it Shraddha. Everyone ask Shraddha to tell him. A girl tells Kunal that she loves him. Kunal looks at Shraddha and smiles.
Anand and Kittu come to the same shopping mall. Kittu holds Anand’s hand and he asks what are you doing being shy. Anand likes a necklace for Kittu and says shall I but this for you. She says I don’t need, I have one. He insists and asks her to try. She says you have to make me wear this. Anand says what are you saying. She says help me in wearing it. Anand is shy. Ranjhana…………. plays…………… Kittu smiles. She asks how is it looking. He says beautiful. They look at each other and smile. Anand says you are looking very beautiful as always. Shraddha tells Kunal there are so many people, you are mad and crazy. He says yes, in your love.

She says its not good to express your feelings by shouting on mic infront of so many people. Kunal holds her and says so tell me one time. He holds her face and she closes her eyes. He says tell me those three golden words. She says can’t you feel, whats the need to say. He says tell me once, I will feel the whole life. She says no, no, no. He says fine, now you will have to shout and says I love you. He says this is my challenge. She smiles. Anand says this mall is looking so nicely decorated. Kittu holds his hand and he looks at her and smiles. Kittu says thanks for the gift. She says lets go. A girl shows Kunal to Shraddha.

Shraddha is shocked to see Kunal hanging in air holding a cloth rope. She shouts Kunal. Kunal says Shraddha. Kunal says if Shraddha does not say I love you, I will jump from here. Kittu and Anand see Kunal. Kunal scares Shgraddha. Shraddha says come down. Kunal says tell me else I will jump. He says its valentine’s day today, a lover wants to hear I love you from his lover, then why does she not say. Shraddha says please come down. Kunal says only three golden words. Everyone say Shraddha…… Kittu laughs and says this drama is solid. Anand says whats the need for doing this infront of public. Kittu says how romantic. Kunal says some filmi lines. He says I will jump and die in love. He slips a bit. Shraddha shouts Kunal.

Shraddha says I love you to Kunal. Kunal is happy, the rope breaks and he falls. Kittu and Anand are shocked. Shraddha closes her eyes in shock.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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