Meri Bhabhi 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 14th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini telling Purshottam and Kunal that Payal’s mum called and refused for the proposal. Kunal and Purshottam are happy. Purshottam says it means Payal rejected him. Kamini says you might have done something. Kunal says that girl was very modern who did not respect rituals. Purshottam says you would have not told anything. Kunal says sorry mum. Kamini says let her go, I don’t even like her, I knew she won’t become my bahu. Purshottam says don’t worry Kunal, the proposal is off now. Kunal says what about your reputation, it will be stained, what will people say. Kunal leaves happily. Purshottam says Kunal is right, what will people say, we have to look out for a girl and make Kunal marry, else people will gossip.

Kamini says where will we get such

a girl. Purshottam says there is only one girl who we know. Kamini says I will die but won’t make Shraddha my bahu. She leaves angrily. Kunal says love has strength, I will make my cute mum agree. Payal calls Kunal. Kunal says yes Shraddha. Payal says its me, so that girl in cafe was Shraddha. Kunal says great sight. She says your acting was bad. She says how can I marry such a man who loves someone else. She asks about his love story. Kunal thanks her for rejecting her, saying you are such a nice person, I must say very intelligent. Payal says think if you married me, you would have been lucky. Kunal says I regret for losing you. She says your flirt, arrange a special surprise for Shraddha as valentine’s day is coming, it should be your idea. Kunal thanks her and ends the call.

Kunal says interesting person….. Valentines day, there should be a surprise. He says Shraddha can also call me, why should I call. Dhruv asks Shraddha to tell him some story. Shraddha says its late, sleep now. She gets a message. Dhruv asks is it Kunal’s message. She says no. He says you call him if he is not calling. It will be fun after you marriage, I will tell my friends that he is my dad. Shraddha says lets sleep now. Dhruv says marry soon. Dhruv goes to sleep. Shraddha thinks this time Dhruv’s heart should not break.

Shraddha thinks why should I call, he should call me. Kunal says I won’t call this time, let her call. Both of them wait for each other’s call. They sleep waiting. Its morning, Kittu slips and falls. Anand holds her. They have an eyelock. Music plays……………… Kittu sees roses in the room and asks why all this. He says its valentine’s day today. He says I read about valentine’s day. Kittu jokes on him and laughs. He says fine, I will move all this. She says no, I can’t believe you did this. He says I researched on the net to give you a surprise. She says its a big surprise. He puts flowers on her. Ranjhana………….. plays………..

He asks how is my surprise. She says yes, but its filmi. He gets closer to her and says there is one more idea. She asks what. He says I will take a holiday today. She says no chance. He says I m not in the mood to go to the office. He wishes her happy valentine’s day. jaya calls Kittu for some work. Kittu says I have work. Anand stops her and Ranjhana…………… plays…………. Anand touches her hair and they get closer.

Everyone are happy seeing Papa and Mummy getting ready and going on a date on Valentine’s day. Papa says I love your Mummy all 365 days. Ishaan says we should learn romance from Papa. Anand asks Kittu to appreciate what he did for her. Ishaan shows Papa and everyone to see Anand and Kittu. Everyone wish them happy valentine’s day and smiles. Shraddha says we can learn romance from them too. Shraddha asks jaya what will Ashish do for you today. jaya asks Ashish to take leave for her today. He says but why, what about your uncle. jaya says my valentine’s day will be boring. Papa asks Ashish to work hard.

Kunal calls Shraddha. Mummy and Papa leave. Shraddha tells Kunal that I m busy. Kunal says shall I end the call. Kamini and Purshottam are having a talk. Purshottam asks him to close her eyes and gifts her chocolate on valentine’s day. She says you don’t worry me, I have diabetes. He says its valentine’s day, have little. He asks her what happened in our Roka. Kamini says about the arrangements. Purshottam notes down. Kunal tells Shraddha that he is serious and won’t marry her. Shraddha is shocked.

She asks what are you saying. He says I can’t marry you. She asks why. He laughs and says finish your work, then we will talk. She asks what happened, did your mum know, did she tell anything, wahts the problem. He says the problem is you. She asks what. He says how can I marry that girl who does not love you. She says ofcourse I……… He asks what. She gets shy and he says I love you Shraddha. Music plays…………. He says I want to hear this from you, else I won’t marry you, you have to say it today. He asks her to come in KY Mall. Shraddha smiles. Shraddha says I love you looking in the mirror.

Kunal asks Shraddha to say I love you else he will die. He hangs on a cloth rope. Shraddha shouts Kunal seeing him slip down.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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