Meri Bhabhi 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 13th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Papa and Mummy scolding Anand. Mummy says Kamini will never agree for this. Anand tries his best to explain them that Kunal is the right man for Shraddha. Purshottam comes to them with Kunal. Everyone looks on. Purshottam says I m sorry to come without informing you and brought Kunal also. He did not know I m bringing him here. He says in last few days, we have seen misunderstanding which have affected our relations. He says about Kunal and Shraddha, there is only one way left now. He asks Kunal to come to him. Kunal walks to him. Purshottam says I want Shraddha’s hand for Kunal. Kunal, Papa, Mummy and everyone are shocked.

Anand and Kittu are happy. Ishaan smiles. Kunal looks at his dad stunned. Purshottam asks Papa do you accept this proposal. Papa looks

at Mummy and says you are saying this. Purshottam says yes, its my request we should think again about out children. Our children broke their relation for our happiness, but we have to think are they happy. Mummy says we thought about it a lot of times, but what will they get if they marry, tension, complications. Anand says what happened with Kittu, was my mistake. Kittu asks Mummy to give Shraddha a chance. Mummy says I can’t do this. My mum in law did not have any problem with my marriage, but here Kamini won’t be happy with this marriage.

Papa says where is Kamini, will she agree for this. Purshottam says I did not talk to Kamini about this. Mummy says then we should not think about this further. Purshottam says I know it won’t be easy to make Kamini agree, but we can’t let our children compromise. Is this our love and responsibility for them, can’t we make a try, can’t we be positive. Shraddha comes out looking for Dhruv. She sees Kunal and is shocked.

Kunal tells Papa that he will accept his every decision. He sits on his knees and says I promise I will always keep Shraddha happy which she expects from her life, the happiness which Dhruv wants. He says I won’t let Shraddha and Dhruv complain, I won’t let any tear come in their eyes. Purshottam smiles. Papa says thats fine, but I m worried will Kamini accept Shraddha or not. Purshottam says she will agree, I will make her agree. He says if you have kept Kittu with love and respect, you give us a chance. Shraddha smiles. Purshottam says we will keep your daughter with love and respect which she deserves. He says Kunal can stay apart from us if they want.

He asks Papa and Mummy to agree for the proposal. Papa says what should I say now. Anand asks Papa to agree seeing their love. Kittu asks Mummy to let Kunal come in Shraddha’s life. Ashish, Ishaan and everyone ask Papa and Mummy to agree. Papa says even I want them to give another chance to them. He asks Mummy about this. Mummy agrees. Everyone smile. Shraddha and Kunal are happy. Purshottam hugs Papa and laughs. Kunal greets Papa and hugs him. Papa says now I can proudly give Shraddha’s hand to you, be careful that you don’t make my head bow down.

Kunal thanks Mummy. Shraddha smiles. Kittu says thank me too. Kunal hugs Kittu. Mummy says we should tell this to Kamini soon. Kamini calls Payal’s mum to decide about the proposal. Her mum says Payal said no to Kunal. Kamini asks why, Kunal likes her. Kamini gets angry on her. Purshottam says we should do the Roka without informing Kamini. Mummy says jaya should know about this. Papa says lets go and talk to Shraddha. Dhruv is happy to see Kunal. Kunal hugs Dhruv. Everyone say congrats to Shraddha. Kunal looks at Shraddha. Everyone look at her. She feels shy and runs inside.

Kittu comes to Shraddha and hugs her. She says I m so happy for you. Shraddha says I was trying to forget Kunal. Kittu says now everything is fine, why are you crying now. Kittu asks shall I call you my Nanand or Bhabhi. Shraddha says I feel I m seeing a dream, Mummy and Papa agreed. Papa and Mummy comes and says we want to see you happy always. Shraddha hugs Papa. Mummy smiles looking at them.

Mummy says I was worried about your future, but now Purshottam has wiped our worries. Shraddha hugs Mummy. Anand comes and Shraddha hugs him. Dhruv comes and says Kunal said we will stay together. Everyone are happy. Shraddha says fine. Kittu tells Anand see how much happy is Dhruv. She says I want my mum to agree now. Anand says will she agree.

Kunal calls Shraddha and says I m serious, I can’t marry you. Shraddha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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