Meri Bhabhi 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 11th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mummy explaining Shraddha not to feel bad of Papa’s words. jaya comes to know that Ashish went to drop Dhruv. Kunal lies to his parents saying he has a girlfriend so that he can skip marriage. Kamini says stop it, I know there is no girl, you are just acting to avoid marriage. She says you have to say yes for marriage, else I won’t talk to you. He asks his dad to explain Kamini. He says I m on Kamini’s side today. Kunal says not fair, how can you take her side, I’m your son. He says I will be on my wife’s side. Kunal says you can’t do this. Kamini says be ready, I will take the shagun there and fix the engagement date. Kunal says so soon? Kunal says you can’t blackmail me. Kamini says its my turn now. They ask him a reason to say no to the girl.

Kunal says nothing. Kamini says I will give the good news to Kittu and take the shagun to the girl’s house.

Kamini calls Kittu and says Kunal is ready now. Kittu asks how did this miracle happen. Kamini says I made him agree. The landline rings. Its the call from Dhruv’s school saying Dhruv got hurt in the playground. They ask Kittu to come and take him. Kittu calls Ishaan and Ashish and tell him that Dhruv got hurt. Kittu says lets go, I will call Shraddha. Ashish says lets not tell her, we will go. Shraddha comes and asks what happened. Kittu tells that Dhruv got hurt in schoo. Shraddha panics. Kittu says we are going. Shraddha says without saying me, I m his mother. Kamini hears everything on phone. Kittu says I thought you would be worried. Shraddha scolds Kittu badly. Ashish looks on.

Kamini gets angry hearing this. Shraddha says I don’t need your favors Kittu. Shraddha leaves with Ashish. Kittu feels bad. Shraddha comes to take Dhruv and hugs him asking is he fine. Dhruv says I fell while playing. The teacher says your son is very brave as he did not cry. Anand is there. He says Kittu called me and said you guys were tensed. Kamini tells Kittu that Shraddha is wrong. Kittu says it happens. Kamini says I heard what Shraddha said. Kittu says even Papa scolded her. Kamini gets happy. Kamini says we are going to take shagun, you also come. Kittu says ok let Dhruv come, then I will see.

Anand goes to bring medicines for Dhruv. He gets a call from his office. Shraddha says I will take the medicines. Bobby calls Shraddha. She gets tensed. Shraddha sees outside the shop. She sees Anand and Dhruv in the car. She is afraid and talks to Bobby. He says my son got hurt and you did not tell me. He taunts her. Shraddha is shocked to know that Bobby knows this. She sees Bobby nearby. Bobby leaves signing my eyes are on you. Kunal meets Shraddha and asks her who is he who is after you. Shraddha scolds Kunal and says if you meet me again, I will report to police. Kunal says I can help you if you want. Shraddha says I don’t need your help and walks away. Anand does not see Kunal with Shraddha. He asks Shraddha why are you tensed. She says Bobby and cries. She says he knows Dhruv got hurt, will he take Dhruv from me. Anand says don’t worry, we will talk to jasmeet. Dhruv asks what happened. Anand says nothing.

jaya is taking Ashish’s class and says now you have to bear his medical expenses. Ashish says there won’t be any expenses. Ashish says he is just a kid. jaya looks at him angrily. Anand comes home with Shraddha and Dhruv. Papa asks Kittu not to worry about Dhruv. Kittu cares for Dhruv. Anand says he will fine soon. Dhruv says I m a brave boy. Papa takes Dhruv to play with him. Anand talks to Kittu and says its good you called me, else Shraddha would have not understood the matter. Shraddha scolds Kittu for calling Anand.

Shraddha says I took care of Dhruv for one year all alone, you guys are proving I m a bad mum. Shraddha says I can take care of him alone if you all allow me to do it. She leaves. Kittu is hurt.

Shraddha sees Dhruv playing with Kunal. She scolds Dhruv. Shraddha calls everyone out and shouts on Kunal.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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