Meri Bhabhi 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 11th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha asking Dhruv waht was going on. Dhruv tells her everything. Shraddha scolds Kunal and says what do I have to do with this. Don’t marry if you don’t want to. Kunal explains her his situation and says we are friends. Shraddha says if you thought I m your friend, you would have not done this. She says your mum will think I m your hurdle. She says Kunal, you have to understand. She says I don’t want to be a part of someone else’e life. She says I have heard a lot already. Kunal asks what did my mum tell you. Shraddha takes Dhruv and leaves.

Kittu and Mummy are writing the items list. Ishaan takes the list. Ashish scolds him. jaya adds some items in the list. Papa says we can’t bring your make up items, ask Ashish to bring it. Ashish gets annoyed.

Anand comes and Kittu asks him why he came so soon. Anand says I did not go office. Mummy says we are going for buying household items. jaya takes his list back and says I will ask Ashish to bring it for me. Everyone are shocked. Anand gets angry on jaya. Kittu asks Anand to go to his room. Anand leaves. Mummy says lets go now. Shraddha comes. Mummy asks her do you want anything. Shraddha says no.

Kittu sees Shraddha upset and asks her is she fine. Shraddha says yes, I don’t need anything. Papa asks Dhruv to come and play with him. Kamini talks to Kunal and plans for his wedding. Kunal is angry and says stop it mum. Purshottam asks what happened. Kamini says I don’t know why he is angry. Kunal says why are you doing this mum. She asks what did I do. Kunal says don’t you know, look in my eyes and say don’t you know what I m asking. Kamini looks somewhere else. She says no, I don’t know anything, Purshottam asks what happened. Kunal says ask her what she said to Shraddha. Kamini says what did I say. Kamini says so now that girl is making you against me.

She says this is the limit, tell me what did she say. Kunal says she did not tell anything to me, she is a nice girl, but I know you told her something, so today…. She says did you meet her today. He says tell me what you told her. She says yes, I told her, and I m not wrong. Purshottam scolds Kamini. Kamini cries and says everyone think I m wrong, but I know I m doing all this for Kunal. Kunal says stop thinking about me. Kunal leaves in anger. Kamini cries. Purshottam asks Kamini to make her act right, as if she does not change, Kunal might leave their house.

Shraddha thinks about Kamini’s words and is disturbed. Dhruv changes his clothes and sees Shraddha sad. He makes her smile. Shraddha says I love you Dhruv. He says I m going to play with Nanu. Kittu comes to Shraddha and asks her what happened. She says I can see your face and get to know you are upset. Shraddha says nothing. Kittu insists.

Kittu brings tea for her and it falls on Shraddha. Shraddha goes to clean it. Kittu says if you don’t want to share it with me, then I will be after you, tell me. Shraddha says actually…. Anand calls
Kittu and comes to her. He asks for his t shirt. Kittu says Anand even your mood is off, don’t think about jaya’s words. Shraddha asks what. Kittu says I m sad for Ashish as Papa tells him again and again. Shraddha agrees and says I will explain Papa. Anand says I will talk to Mummy as Papa will hear her.

Mummy is cleaning the house. Papa asks her to pass his spects. Mummy gives him and he thanks her. Papa thinks why is she silent and asks her to give a pen. She gives it. He wonders and asks her to bring sweets. She starts leaving. He asks her what is the matter, no talk. Mummy looks at him. Papa asks tell me what is it. Mummy says till when will you taunt Ashish, he feels bad and he is a hardworking man and he is trying. Papa says what did I say. Mummy says you always taunt him. Papa says I need to do that else he would have not come to this place. Mummy explains Papa and says you are hurting his ego, he is not a boy now, he is married now. Papa says I love him. Mummy says I know you love him more than I do, but you… Dhruv comes and talks to Papa. Papa says lets play badminton now. Mummy smiles as they leave.

Kittu comes to her room calling out Anand. Anand holds her by pulling her towards her. They get romantically closer. Kittu asks what are you not getting. He says will tell you and shows her in the mirror and says I m not getting few moments with you. Kittu smiles. He says people say we don’t have romance between us. Kittu says did you get this time for romance, as I have to go. Anand says you have time for everyone, except me. Kittu says don’t be annoyed and they have a hug.

Papa praises Shraddha. Kunal comes and says shall we keep badminton tournament and challenges Shraddha. Papa agrees.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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