Meri Bhabhi 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 11th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu saying Anand that Bobby is inside with papa. Bobby asks Papa to punish him as he wants. Bobby says I don’t have anything to say. He asks him to accept him. Everyone hear this. Bobby says even you did not enquire about Shraddha when she was alone, as you were angry. Bobby says I m her husband and I left her alone, and you were her dad, and you did not support her. Its a taunt on Papa. Bobby says I know I did a mistake, but there was even your mistake. Papa and Bobby see everyone standing.

Papa looks at Shraddha and kisses on her forehead. He says I m very sorry. Bobby smiles. Shraddha hugs Papa. Anand stares at Bobby. Everyone are having a family time at home. Shraddha watches Bobby and smiles. Dhruv gives the gifts to everyone which Bobby brought for them.

jaya is happy to get the gift. Everyone look at Bobby. Bobby tells Papa excuse me and goes to Anand. Bobby gifts him something. He says sorry for not coming in Anand’s marriage. Shraddha looks at Papa and Anand getting tensed. Mummy asks Anand to take the gift. Anand takes it. Bobby thanks and was about to hug him, but Anand moves and sits somewhere. Shraddha notices this and feels bad. Mummy asks Papa shall we have food. Papa says wait, and asks Bobby to come to him.

Papa is making Bobby comfortable and both have a drink. Bobby says I have left drinking. Papa says then why did you take, he says because you said. Papa says will you do anything I say, you should have told me that you have left drinking. They have a good time. Bobby says I will have it. Papa jokes with him. Mummy says what are you saying, Papa says I say this to my sons also. Anand says Papa says us with love and to Bobby with hatred. Shraddha looks at Bobby. Papa says now I m saying it with love. Bobby says you can call me anything. Papa jokes again. Everyone have a laugh.

Ishaan says sing a song for us. We have heard a lot about your singing. jaya insists. Bobby gets a call and he gets shocked. Anand stares at him. Bobby leaves the hall to pick the call. Anand thinks whose call it might be, he tries to follow him, but Papa stops Anand. Anand says how can you trust him, Papa says I will see him and goes to Bobby. Shraddha gets tensed. Mummy sends Kittu after Papa and Bobby. Bobby is talking to his aunty and talks in favour of Shraddha. Kittu and Papa are happy to hear it. Bobby says he wants to become a good father, Dhruv is happy seeing him, he breaks the relation with his aunt. Bobby turns and sees Papa. Papa asks is there any problem. Bobby tells him about his aunt. Ishaan brings a guitar.

Kittu asks Bobby to sing that song which impressed Shraddha. Bobby sings Tere Bin… song. Shraddha smiles. Everyone are happy. Bobby and Shraddha look at each other. Shraddha thinks of her romantic moments with Bobby. Everyone clap for Bobby. Dhruv hugs Bobby. Shraddha gets happy seeing everyone happy.

Kittu tells Anand that it was fun today, Bobby should sing for films. Anand is unmoved by Bobby. Anand does not reply to Kittu. She calls him for dinner. She asks what happened, he says I told you I’m not hungry. Kittu says don’t eat what Bobby made, eat what I made. Kittu jokes with him and flirts to make him smile. Kittu says I imagined everything when Bobby sang a song for Shraddha. Anand says whats the end of the story. Kittu says its just the beginning. Kittu asks Anand to sing for her. Anand says what. She says nothing, sing any song for me.

Anand is annoyed with Kittu. Kittu says even I did not have food. He says eat it, did I stop you. Kittu says I won’t eat without you. She requests him to eat. Anand tells her what are the duties of a wife, she should support him and trust what he says. He says you trust Bobby, not me. Kittu cries as Anand scolds her.

Kittu looks at Anand while he is sleeping. Anand turns away from her. Bobby and Shraddha get very closer.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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