Meri Bhabhi 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 11th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal leaving with the girl Payal meeting Shraddha at the restaurant. Mummy cares for Papa and Papa praises her. Papa says I surrender myself to you. Kittu says you and Papa are full of fun, I did not know about your pasts. She says Papa told me everything, I always think you have so much strength in you, you had bear a lot and you did not let it affect Papa. Mummy says when I was totally broken, Papa came in my life and gave me support. She says it was a miracle that he came in my life. Kittu smiles. Kittu says your and Shraddha’s story is same as the first marriage did not work.

The girl asks Kunal what happened. She gets furious seeing him stare at Shraddha. Kunal says shall I order a brownie for you. She says sure. Kunal orders. Shraddha is jealous

seeing the girl with Kunal. She can’t stop herself from seeing them and thinks who is she, maybe Kunal’s friend or colleague.

Kunal talks to the girl. Shraddha hears them talking. She looks at them. Kuanl turns to see Shraddha. Kunal thinks about Shraddha and Shraddha thinks about them. The girl asks if we get married, will you order coffee like this, no need, but I want the house to be clean. She says we will try as opposites attract. She talks non stop. Shraddha pays the bill and leaves her pen signing on the bill. They look at each other. Kunal says I think we should go know, I have another meeting. She says fine. Shraddha leaves. Kunal becomes restless. Kunal takes Shraddha’s pen and keeps it with him close to his heart. The girl says lets go, else you will be late for your meeting.

Anand comes home from office. He thinks about Kunal’s love for Shraddha and his promise that he will always keep Shraddha and Dhruv happy. Anand thinks about Kunal and Shraddha. Kittu comes to him and asks what happened. Anand says nothing. Kittu says are you fine. Anand says yes, I will go and change, keep the tea ready. She says I will arrange food too. Anand sees Dhruv’s drawing again and thinks. Kittu serves tea to everyone. Shraddha comes with Ishaan and Dhruv. Kittu asks Dhruv to have food. Dhruv says I had food and fun at a restaurant. Ishaan says sorry to Shraddha for getting angry on her. He says you are not selfish, I m wrong that I misunderstood you and Kunal, now I know he loves you and Kunal a lot.

Dhruv likes Kunal a lot, he accepted Kunal as his father. Shraddha cries and says let it go now. I want Dhruv to forget Kunal. It will take some time. Anand hears them talking. Shraddha and Ishaan looks at Anand. Anand comes to them and sees Shraddha crying. Shraddha leaves. Kunal tells Akash about Dhruv who loves rides. Payal and her family leaves. Payal talks to Kunal freely and says if you have any problem, then tell me about any girlfriend. She says I will think what to tell to my parents, I will say no for this relation if you tell me, don’t take tension I will reject you, is there anyone.

Kunal says no one, you just relax and you have a lovely smile. She says thanks. Kunal leaves. Kamini is very happy and they come home. Kamini asks where is Kunal. She says Payal will keep Kunal happy and make him forget everything. They see Anand waiting for them. Kamini asks you here, is Kittu fine. Anand says she is fine. Anand talks to them about Shraddha and Kunal’s relation. Kamini and Purshottam are shocked.

Purshottam calms down Kamini. Kamini says this can’t happen, Kunal has ended this, Kunal and Shraddha made a big mistake. Purshottam says I don’t understand why you are saying this. You were so against it when Kittu did this. Anand says I know I was wrong, but now I feel we are forcing them to stay apart, their love will not end, they are sacrificing their love for my sake, for our sake. They won’t be happy ever. Kamini says this can’t happen, try to understand. Anand says are you doing this for your happiness or Kunal’s. Kamini says Kunal chose a girl for him. Anand is shocked.

Kamini says we have fixed his marriage, look for a good guy for Shraddha, it will be good for us. Purshottam says the truth is I m shocked to hear this from you. I think we should not talk Kunal and Shraddha. Anand says it will be not good for them if this relation does not happen.

Anand comes to Shraddha and says I m foolish, you and Kunal love each other, I came to know Kunal is marrying someone else. Shraddha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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