Meri Bhabhi 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 11th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mummy telling Papa that we should take Shraddha with us for few days. Papa agrees. Ishaan books the hotel of Shimla. Mummy says ask Shraddha. Papa says where is Shraddha. jaya says Shraddha and Dhruv went to school. Anand asks for Kittu. jaya says even Kittu went with Shraddha. Everyone are shocked. Dhruv, Shraddha and Kittu meets Kunal outside the school. Dhruv says I miss you a lot, you are not coming to my home. Kittu says because he was not well. Shraddha looks on. Dhruv gives a gift for Kunal and says everyone were buying for their parents so I bought it for you. Kunal likes it and says its best, thanks, I will keep it close to my heart.

Kittu says Dhruv, go to school now. Dhruv goes for his class saying bye to them. Shraddha and Kunal look at each other.

Kunal smiles seeing her. Shraddha walks towards him. Kittu looks at them and says its time for you to talk now. Kittu asks Kunal and Shraddha what did you think, what will you do and how. Shraddha says its not easy Kittu. Kunal says I tries my best but no one is agreeing. Kittu says either listen to everyone or to your heart, what do you want. Shraddha says its very tough. Kittu says make your decision else you will regret later.

Kunal says the decision should be only yours, a yes or a no, whatever. Shraddha says nyour mum won’t agree ever, she won’t accept us. Kunal says I tried every way to explain her but I don’t care if she does not accept. I won’t marry where she says, I won’t stop myself if she forces me. Shraddha says its easy to say. Kittu asks Shraddha to take a decision now or never.

Kittu says you have grown up, you have do anything, you can marry if everyone are against it. Shraddha says you are saying this who obeys elders. Kittu says because I can’t see you both sad. I don’t want to see you like this, I don’t want my brother to lose his first love. She says Dhruv and you will be happy with him. She says I want you both to be together. She says I want you to do court marriage. Shraddha is shocked. Kittu says Kunal, you don’t need to be with our parents, you can live separate. Kunal says I m their only son, how can I leave them. Kittu says I m not asking you to leave them, you can take a new home and stay alone.

She says once you get married, everyone will accept you, dad will support you fully, now its in your hands, show some strength. She says Kunal and looks at him. Kunal says fine. Kittu asks Shraddha. Shraddha thinks about it. Kunal says Shraddha and asks her will you and Dhruv spend your life with me. He gives his hand to her. Shraddha looks at him. She holds his hand and Kunal smiles.

Kittu is happy seeing them confident and together. Kunal thanks Shraddha for trusting him. Shraddha says but I m afraid, its a big and sudden decision. Kittu says don’t worry, everyone will agree after the marriage. She says you both should marry as soon as possible. Kunal says we cam marry in mandir tomorrow. Shraddha looks stunned. Kittu says tomorrow? Kunal says yes, we will get married in mandir, even my friend got married like this, if you like this way, think about it. He says don’t regret later that we did not take the right decision when the time was in our hands.

Kittu says but Dhruv also has to be prepared, how can we manage. Kunal says I understand but if she is ready then leave everything on me. Shraddha says we are taking such a big decision, if anything goes wrong then. Kunal says nothing will happen, you trust me right. Shraddha says yes. He says leave every problem on me, I will deal with them, see I will make everyone agree after our marriage, they are our family, they will understand us and forgive us. He says Shraddha, I m with you today, tomorrow and will always be. Shraddha smiles.

jaya gives Kamini the news that Mummy and Papa are taking Shraddha with them. Kamini says its good to hear this. Kamini thanks jaya for giving her the news. Kamini says she has to keep an eye on Kunal and thinks what to do. Kamini’s mum calls her and Kamini is happy to talk to her. Kunal talks to his friend. Kamini hears him talking and cries. He says I was talking to my friend. She cries and he says he is getting married. She says I told you many times to go and meet your Nani, she is unwell, you don’t worry about her at all. Kunal asks what happened to her. Kamini says she is very much ill and she asked us to come, we have to go tomorrow to meet her.

Kunal says tomorrow, its not possible. Kamini asks why. She says I have to meet her. Kunal says nothing will happen to her, stop worrying. He says we will go in few days. Kamini says why. Kunal says I have some meeting tomorrow. Kamini says I don’t care, she is my mum, and we have to go tomorrow. Kunal says fine, take dad and go. He says I will talk to her on phone. Kamini emotionally blackmails him. Mummy and Papa are packing bags. Mummy says Mussoorie is very cold place and we would need winter clothes.

Mummy asks jaya do you have gloves, give it to me for Shraddha. jaya agrees. Dhruv comes with Shraddha and Kittu. Mummy says how come you came so early. Shraddha says I m not well. Mummy gets worried. Mummy asks where was Kittu all day. Shraddha says she was with me. Kittu is tensed. They are shocked to know about Mussoorie plan. Dhruv is excited to go on the trip. Shraddha and Kittu look at each other.

Kunal plans and asks Shraddha to come at 1pm and they will get married. Anand comes and says the flight is at 1pm tomorrow, so we need to go to the airport at 12. Kittu and Shraddha are tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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