Meri Bhabhi 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 10th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha scolding him, and then apologizing to him. Dhruv says I got panipuri from Kittu and Anand. Anand asks Kittu where will we eat panipuri. She says we will go out and have it. Anand says now, what will we tell everyone. She asks him to get ready. Anand says what will I tell everyone. jasmeet calls him and asks did Kittu like the flowers. Anand says I had to give the flowers to Shraddha and Dhruv took the panipuri. jasmeet says how did this happen. He says Kittu wants me to take her to eat panipuri. She says take her. jasmeet asks him to keep Kittu happy and says you both are busy and don’t have time to spend with each other.

Kittu comes and asks are you not ready. Kittu is happy as he is taking her out. Anand smiles. She asks him what should I wear.

Anand selects one. Kittu says you also get ready and change. Kittu smiles. Anand asks Kittu not to tell anyone where they are going. Kittu says will we go hiding. She jokes. He says lets go now. Mummy sees them and asks them where they are going. Papa comes and asks Kittu to make tea for him. Kittu says yes. Mummy says maybe…. Kittu says I will make it. Anand says we will go, Mummy will make the tea for Papa. Kittu says we will go tomorrow, Papa is asking tea and how can I say no to him.

Mummy asks Papa to take her tea as they are going out. Papa asks Anand and Anand says no. Anand gets upset. Mummy tells Kittu that Anand got upset, you would have told Papa that you were going out. Mummy says you have to think about yourself and Anand also. Mummy asks Shraddha and she is lost in thoughts. Kittu asks Shraddha why is she worried, did anyone tell her anything, Shraddha says nothing and leaves.

Kittu tells Anand that she felt Shraddha is worried about something and is unhappy. She sees Anand sleeping and smiles. Kunal shows his dad the online communities. He asks him to write about gems and diamonds. Kamini comes to Kunal and says you have to meet the girl today. Purshottam says Kunal do it what she wants. Kunal disagrees. He says don’t force. Kamini says you know why is he doing this, Purshottam asks why is he running from this. Kunal says I m fed up. Kunal says I will meet the girl in the coffee shop. Kamini is happy.

Kamini goes to inform the girl. Kunal says I m stuck. Kamini asks them to come for breakfast. Kunal is tensed. Shraddha is going to pick up Dhruv. She reaches the school and gets Kunal’s message that he has picked Dhruv and is waiting at the coffee shop. She says whats this now.

Kunal is at the coffee shop with Dhruv and explains him what he has to do. Dhruv says I understood. The girl comes to meet Kunal. Kunal meets her and gives her a wrong impression. The girl gets angry and says my mum will talk to you. Shraddha comes there and listens all this. She gets angry. Kunal is happy that the girl went off. Dhruv is tensed seeing Shraddha. Kunal is shocked to see Shraddha.

jaya talks to Mummy and taunts Mummy. Everyone looks on. Shraddha comes home. Kittu asks are you fine…..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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