Meri Bhabhi 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 10th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal clearing the matter infront of everyone saying Nisha is Vikrant’s girlfriend. They broke up and she was pregnant, I helped her by taking her to clinic. Anand asks Shraddha to think now. Shraddha cries. Kunal gives her the phone and she sees the photo. She is shocked and looks at Kunal. Kunal holds her hand and says trust me Shraddha, this is nor true. Dildaar says admit it infront of us. Anand asks Kunal we agree with you, that you are true, but why does Nisha want to stop your marriage. He says I don’t know why she is messaging Shraddha. Papa says if you are true, then why did she send. Shraddha says he told it already, why will Kunal hide, I trust him completely. Kunal looks at her.

Papa says I know. Shraddha says what does this proof, if anyone sends

my photo to Kunal, will he believe it. Ishaan says yes, its not a big deal. Shraddha says I don’t know why she is doing this, but I know Kunal won’t lie to me. Bua says girls are emotional fools, there is some truth in it. She says why will anyone send the message. Ishaan says as there is someone who does not want this marriage to happen. Bua scolds Ishaan. Papa says this marriage is of trust, but there should not be any doubt, Nisha’s intentions should be clear, only then this marriage will happen. He says you both are going to start a new life, doubt can increase the problems.

Purshottam says fine, we will do as you say. He says my son Kunal will marry Shraddha when he proves himself right. He asks Kunal and Shraddha to believe their elders. He asks Papa not to worry. Kunal says I understand your worry Papa, I respect your decision. He says I will come back soon and not let Shraddha’s trust break, this is my promise. He tells Shraddha he will come. Kunal leaves with his parents. Shraddha cries. Dildaar says we have seen many men like him, he won’t come back, the marriage is called off. Papa and Mummy are worried.

Dildaar clears all the arrangements. Papa is sad and says we can’t trust anyone. Dadi asks Kunal what is the truth. Nani says why is Nisha doing this. Purshottam says are you hiding anything from us. Nani says what is your relation with Nisha. Kunal says I told you already whats the truth, why will I hide anything. Purshottam says why is Nisha trying to stop the marriage. Kunal says I don’t know. Kamini says if you married Nisha, bring her home and forget Shraddha. Kunal and everyone are shocked. Kamini says don’t worry, if you want us to accept Nisha…….. Kunal says enough mom, I don’t want to hear anything from you, leave me alone.

He requests her and says I don’t have anything to say. Purshottam says what will you do now. Kunal leaves. Shraddha cries thinking about the Sangeet function. Dhruv comes to her and asks why are you crying. He says why did Papa stop this marriage. Dhruv asks Ishaan the same thing. Ishaan says everything will be fine. Shraddha asks about Papa. Ishaan says he is fine, don’t worry, I trust Kunal completely, he can’t cheat you. He asks her to take care and leaves. Bua tells Papa not to believe Kunal and says I knew him, he talked sweetly.

She says why will he marry a divorcee, think. Dildaar says yes, she is right. He says first Bobby cheated her and now Kunal, what a fraud, see Shraddha’s fate. Kittu feels bad hearing against Kunal. Bua says I would have slapped him. Anand says we know Kunal, he can’t do this. Bua says did you see Kamini, she is so rude, will it not affect her son. She says Kittu brought the proposal. Mummy says stop it now. Bua says I m leaving now. She asks Ashish to book her flight ticket. Kittu cries. Dildaar tells Papa all this is nonsense, did you not get any other family. Papa leaves. Kittu looks at him.

Kittu thinks about Bua’s words and is upset. Kunal thinks about Shraddha’s trust on him. Kunal calls Shraddha and Dhruv asks him why did you not marry my mum, you cheated her. Kunal is shocked. Kunal says I did not cheat her. Dhruv says then why is my mum crying, you promised that you will marry her. Kunal says everyone are misunderstanding me. Dhruv says I hate you. Kunal is hurt. Dhruv ends the call. Shraddha hugs Dhruv and cries.

Kittu argues with Kamini. Kamini says its Kunal’s duty to marry Nisha. Kittu asks what are you saying, why are you favoring Nisha, did you do all this? Kamini looks on.

Update Credit to:Amena Hasan

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