Meri Bhabhi 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 10th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand and Kittu having a romantic talk. Anand hugs her and says you thought I m not romantic, see the romance what happens next. She says give me some time, as you have to go to office now and I have work. Ranjhana………… plays……….. Purshottam gets a letter on the table. He is shocked reading the letter and calls Kunal. He asks whats this son. Kunal says its my America’s ticket, I booked it yesterday. Purshottam says why did you not tell us. Kamini scolds Kunal for taking such decision. Purshottam asks why do you want to go. Kunal says you know everything. Purshottam says yes I understood, you are running away, this is life, something we get and something we don’t.

Kunal says I m trying. He says if you are my son, let me tear this ticket.

Purshottam tears the ticket and says now think what you have to do. Kunal says please don’t stop me. Purshottam says fine, first marry. Kunal says you are saying me after all this happened. Purshottam says forget everything, why are you burdening yourself, start a new life. Kamini says we found a nice girl for you. Purshottam says son, marry for our sake, fulfill our wish please. Kunal holds his hand and says I will marry if its your wish, what you want will happen. Kamini is happy hearing this and says see you don’t go back on your words. Kunal says I won’t. Kunal leaves.

Purshottam says are we forcing ourselves on Kunal. Kamini says never mind, you said that Kunal will like this girl. He says I will call her family. Anand sees some drawing of Dhruv and likes it. Dhruv hides Kunal’s drawing. Shraddha comes and asks Dhruv to come for having bath. She takes Dhruv with her. Anand sees the Kunal’s drawing and is shocked. Mummy cleans Papa’s spects. Papa says you are my eyes. Mummy makes him wear his spects. Papa says like we see each other, do you think our kids will see like that, did you feel bad with me talking to our kids about us. She says no, I m proud to be your wife, you taught me to live life again. She says you have supported me. He says its my love which will always be there.

Mummy says don’t be so romantic. Papa says this is a tradition. They have a laugh. Mummy says give me a rose daily. Mummy hugs Papa. Anand shows the drawing to Kittu. Kittu is shocked too. Kittu says he is a kid, leave it. Anand says what do you think, what should happen. She says what should I say, I wanted to see Shraddha happy, let it go now, whats the use, its Kunal and Shraddha’s decision. If they want to stay apart, its fine, lets see. Anand says what about Dhruv, what about him, he loves Kunal. Kittu says his family picture is still incomplete. You know my mum won’t accept Shraddha. She says I spoke to Kunal, forget this, there is no use of this discussion. Anand thinks about it.

Kunal meets the girl and her family. He is lost in thoughts. Kamini and Purshottam bring him out of the trance. Kunal gels with Akash, the girl’s brother. He reminds him of Dhruv. Kamini says Kunal loves kids. He is very innocent and decent. The girl signs her mum that she wants to talk to Kunal alone. She says can we go out. Kunal agrees. Kamini says fine, they can go. She says lets go. Kunal asys ya sure. They leave. Shraddha comes to know that Dhruv has become very upset and lost interest in drawing too. Shraddha says I will talk to him. Dhruv comes to her.

Shraddha says lets go and have food and icecream. Dhruv asks is Kunal coming. She says can’t your mum give you a treat. She takes him with her. Everyone are playing carom at home. Papa cheats. Mummy laughs. Jaya informs everyone that her uncle called her and offered a job to Ashish. She says you get ready for the job and say yes. Ashish is happy. Ishaan argues with jaya. Papa says there will be much responsibility. jaya says you don’t want Ashish to do anything. You just know how to order on him.

Shraddha calls Ishaan and asks him to come to her. jaya says why does everyone have a problem if Ashish works. Kittu says its good, we are happy. Papa says its his choice. The girl talks to Kunal non stop and starts a conversation. Kunal sees Shraddha and Dhruv passing by on the road. She asks don’t you ask me. It can’t happen that you don’t like me. Shraddha gives a good treat to Dhruv and he misses Kunal. Ishaan comes. Dhruv asks him to order for him. Ishaan says there are many rides, lets go. Ishaan asks are you fine, Shraddha says yes. Shraddha thinks Kunal made a strong relation with Dhruv. Kunal comes to that same place with that girl. Kunal and Shraddha and shocked to see each other.

Anand comes to Purshottam and Kamini to talk to them about Shraddha’s and Kunal’s marriage. Kamini is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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