Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikranth Khanna takes Kalyani along in his car and while driving asks her to sing. She sings bhajan Man Mohana…. He stops her and says he liked her voice than song, he was searching this voice since long.

Ketki sits in balcony and smiles reminiscing Sohrab. Kalyani comes smiling reminiscing Vikranth’s words. Ketki asks what happened to her audition. Kalyani says Vikrant asked her to come next week for audition. Ketki starts praising Sohrab that he is such a down to earth gentleman and has been helping their family since their father’s death.

Aayi stitches clothes on her machine and then goes and sticks a board on chawl’s gate about her tailoring shop at home. She introduces people to try her stitching. Ketki goes to her college.

A new girl befriends her. Kalyani goes to Vikranth’s for audition. Vikrant comes and asks musician to take Kalyani’s audition and gets in. Musician comments that Vikrant found a new toy and they will suffer taking her audition. Kalyani asks secretary what is musiciing saying. Secretary says as if she does not know anything.

Devika goes to market to buy vegetables and vendor sells for higher price. A Christian lady scolds vendor for duping Devika and befriends her. She asks where she came from, etc. Devika says Nagthane village for her son’s treatment. Lady asks why did she leave village and staying in chawl and what problem her son has. Devika says her son has hole in his heart. Lady apologizes and says her name is Rose. Deviaka says Roje. Lady corrects her repeatedly and offers to drop her home.

Ketki meets Sohrab and says she loves him. Sohrab stands in a shock. Kalyani is taken to Vikrant’s cabin. Vikrant says musician’s assistants have not yet come and she should wait for some time. She asks what are people telling outside. He asks if she heard that he is giving her chance as she is beautiful and he lusts for her. He continues venting his anger and says he get many beautiful girls for audition, but he rejected them and liked her talent, if she thinks she gave her chance for her beauty than her talent, then she is wrong and why did she come here.

Precap: Kalyani signs Tum istarah se yu meri zindagi me shaamil ho…in front of Vikrant. Devika tells Kalyani that Kanishk fell ill again. Doc checks Kanishk and says his condition is very critical and needs operation which will cost 50,000 rs.

Update Credit to: MA

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