Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalyani and Ketki reach their youth. Old Ketki tells reporters that Kalyani was a classic beauty and goes into flashback. Kalyani is busy in shooting. She walks with girls. A boy sees her and proposes her with bent knees and rose to marry him. Director says cut and scolds Kalyani in English that she does not have expression at all. She stands blank. He calls assistant and scolds even him. Assistant in English says she is junior artists and heroine will come soon. Kalyani stands blank even then and says director she does not know English. Sohrab watches that standing aside.

Young Ketki is seen running to college for admission. Accountant says she came late and rejects her application. Megha says she got admission in English literature. Ketki says she does not like English. A girl speaks to her in English and introduces herself. Kalyani speaks in broken English. Girl says sorry to bother her and leaves. Kalyani tells Megha that she does not want to learn English, but tai/Kalyani is forcing her.

Aayi gets Kanishk ready for school. Devika says she will come late today and Ketki will bring Kanishk from school. She leaves with Kanishk.

Sohrab tells Kalyani he told her many times to learn English, but she did not listen. Kalyani says she does not like acting and wants to sing as singing is in her blood.

Kanishk’s classmates play football and taunt Kanishk that he is not tough to play football and is always with Aayi stitching clothes and playing chess. Kanishk says stitching is an art which they all don’t know and chess is a brain game and they don’t have brain. Classmates beat him. Ketki comes running and teaches classmates a lesson. Kalyani interferes and takes Ketki and Kanishk from there.

While walking towards home, Kalyani tells Kanishk that once Ketki gets admission in English medium college, she will be the first girl from their village to study English. Ketki says she did not take admission and does not want to study. Kalyani gets sad and walks alone.

Precap: An old singer is shown. Kalyani scolds Ketki and asks if she can read Kanishk’s medical reports in English.

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