Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalyani gets tensed seeing Devika and Ketki on shooting venue. Old Kalyani tells reporter what she felt that day. Kalyani goes home and apologizes Devika for lying her. Devika consoles her and says she knows she lied to save money for Kanishk’s operation. Ketki starts reacting and shouts that tai is always right and she is always wrong. Devika tries to calm her, but she runs away shouting films killed Rang Sangeet and baba. Aayi says she knew about Kalyani’s acting and kept quiet thinking it is not wrong.

Sohrab comes home and tells Devika and aayi he did not inform them about Kalyani’s acting job as Kalyani stopped him. Devika says Kalyani trusts him. He asks if they are okay with Kalyani’s acting. Devika stands silently. Solhrab then tells

Kalyani that producer has agreed to give her 3 film contract for 3000 rs, but she will have to work all days instead of sat and sun. She says she cannot compromise her studies and says she is happy with singing. Sohrab leaves. Ketki angrily enters home ignoring Kalyani and sohrab.

At night, Aayi and Devika calculate their savings and see they have saved only around 1500 + 1000 rs. They discuss that 6 months have finished, so they have to mortgage their house for Kanishk’s operation. Kalyani and Ketki hear their conversation. Kalyani calls Sohrab and says she will do 3 films, but needs money at once and will pay manager’s fees later. Sohrab says he knows Kanishk’s surgery date is coming near, he will manage.

Kalyani sees Ketki standing outside dance teacher’s office and asks what is she doing here. Ketki says dance teacher needs someone for work, so she will work to arrange Kanishk’s surgery fees. Kalyani asks her to concentrate on studies and leave the problems on her. Ketki starts fighting.

Devikta tells Ketki that she is mortgaging house to arrange Kanishk’s operation fees. Ketki shouts this is baba’s house and where will they go. Devika says they will go to aayi’s house at Belgaon. Kalyani comes and says she does not have to mortgage house as she arranged money and says she got 3000 rs advance. Sohrab comes and informs that Kalyani left her school to arrange money. Devika hugs her and cries. Kalyani says she will fullfill her dreams via Ketki. Kekti shouts Kalyani wants to become great alone and does not want her to work. Aayi tries to console her.

Kanishk’s operation finishes. Doc comes out and says operation was successful, but Kanishk may feel complications as he grows. Aayi tries to console Ketki, but Ketki continues shouting. Devika tells reporter that day she saw her daughters separating from each other emotionally.

Precap: Grown up Kalyani and Ketki are introduced. Director scolds Kalyani that she has beautiful face but does not know acting. Ketki tells that she does not want to study further as Kalyani wants her to study.

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  1. the child actors performance was superb ; Serial has best performances of every one and a finete series – thanks to director and producers

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