Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devika thinks of quitting job, but changes her mind after Aayi says they have to arrange money for Kanishks’s surgery. She says she can do anything for Kanishk. After shool hours, Kalyani tells Ketki that she will drop her home and then go to take tuition to students. Ketki says she goes on weekends, but today is Tuesday. Kalyani says exams are on the way, so she has to take special classes. Ketki says she will go to Megha’s house dance practice. Kalyani says okay and asks her to go home by 5 p.m.

Devika goes back to work next morning and starts cooking. Owner goes out as usual leaving her dever at home. Devar starts misbehaving with Devika again. She runs out and sees owner’s children out and relaxes.

Ketki walks back home from her shooting

and sees Ketki with Megha and her male cousins smoking cigarettes and flirting. She warns Megha and cousins to stay away from Ketki and forcefully takes Ketki from there. Megha fumes seeing her insult and thinks of taking revenge.

Kalyani goes back to shooting. Sohrab says after this film, she will get new film and her manager will manage dates according to her school offs. Kalyani agrees. Sohrab says Devika is working in this village and what if she comes here. Kalyani says she is very busy and willn ot come back. She restarts shooting. Megha passes by in her car and notcies Kalyani. She asks spot boy howmany days shooting will be here and thinks of teaching Megha a lesson. She goes to Ketki and says she will take her to shooting tomorrow.

Devika’s owner’s devar starts misbehaving with her and tries to touch her inappopriately. She picks machette and shouts to stay away from here. Kalyani passes by after shooting and sees Devika trying to protect herself from devar. Devika gets strength seeing her daughter and goes to inform owner about her devar’s misbehavior. After that, they both walk home and Kalyani says she does not have to work in that house now, she will take more tuitions and will save money for Kanish’s operation. They both reach home and Devika tells Aayi what happened. Aayi angrily asks how can that loafer misbehave with her. Devika says it is up to owner now to punish her devar or not, she quit job and will search a new job from tomorrow.

Next morning, Megha takes Devika and Ketki to shooting venue in her car. Devika asks where is she taking her. Megha says wait and watch and reaches shooting venue. Devika asks why did she bring them here. Megha shows Kalyani. Devika and Ketki are shocked to see Kalyani. Megha calls Kalyani and Kalyani gets tensed seeing her mother and sister. Devika reminisces Kalyani lying that she is going to take tuitions.

Precap: Devika asks Kalyani why did she leave her school to earn money. Kalyani says Kanishk’s life is important and Ketki will study instead. Ketki shouts at Kalyani if she thinks only she can earn she is wrong, she will also work. Kalyani says she will only do what she says.

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