Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikrant stops Kalyani. She turns back. He says nothing and she leaves. He watches her.

Aayi has fallen asleep sitting. Kalyanki wakes her up. She says Ketki. Kalyanki tells her to sleep properly and takes her to the bed. All are sad. They try to sleep.

It’s morning. Ketki comes to kitchen. The maid asks her if she wants anything. Ketki says her eye used to tell her she has to cook after marriage. The maid says it’s her house, she can do anything. She suggests her a dish that her mother-in-law likes. Ketki prepares that and brings it to her mother-in-law.

Other hand, Kalyani serves to Aaji and Aayi. She tells Aayi to go meet Ketki if she is feeling like it. Aayi says don’t know in what condition Ketki would be. Aaji also gives permission. Kalyani

says she won’t go there, but Aayi can go.

Narendra and Sohrab come to their house. Narendra congrats Ketki. She goes to bring tea.

Kalyani and Vikrant come to sign some deal. Someone comes in and says Vinay has come. His boss tells him to tell him he’s not here. Vikrant says he’s not bad singer either. He should get another chance. Vinay comes in and apologies to Vikrant. The boss checks papers and tells Vikrant he wrote Kalyani’s name instead signing his name. Kalyani blushes. Vikrant corrects his sign.

Sohrab and Narendra discuss Kalyani and Vikrant’s deal. Ketki feels odd. Sohrab says Narendra has brought a big deal for sing in a movie. Ketki asks what kind of songs. Narendra says a night club song. Ketki doesn’t say anything. Sohrab tells her if she doesn’t want to sing then it’s okay. Sohrab asks if not Ketki, then who will sing. Narendra says Kalyani most likely. He then tells that nothing hides in industry and Vikrant with Kalyani insulted Sohrab..Ketki interrupts and says she will sing. Sohrab is happy.

Kalyani and Vikrant come outside. Vikrant goes to get the car. Sohrab comes there. He tells Kalyani that he’s a bad man. He’s using Ketki so Vikrant comes to know what he can do. She loves him a lot. She can’t live without him, so she better try not to say anything to her. Kalyani says Vikrant was right, he’s disgusting and cheap person. He asks who she is then. How come Vikrant is so kind on her now. What thing she gave him. Kalyani raises her hand to slap him. Ketki shouts KALYANI and comes running. She says he’s her husband and looks angrily at her. Kalyani says he’s a husband? He’s just using her to take revenge. Ketki says, using her? or making her a star singer like Kalyani. She says she doesn’t get it why Kalyanki is so scared that she will give her a competition. Kalyani says challenge? Ketki holds Sohrab’s hand and says he has always supported her talent and he’s doing same right now. Kalyani says that’s not support..he’s just trapping her. She wanted to tell her the truth, but Aayi got sick and she ran away. She tells Ketki that before her, Sohrab proposed Kalyani. Sohrab says what? He refuses he said such thing and asks why she’s doing that. He’s married now. He then says Kalyani is doing this so him and Ketki don’t stay together. Fine. He will leave Ketki if that is what she wants. Ketki says now they have new relationship..of competitors. She holds Sohrab’s hand and both leave from there. Kalyani is stunned.

Precap: Some worker says bad about Vikrant and Kalyani’s relationship. Ketki hears it and gets mad. Sohrab tries to stop her, but she gets mad at him too.
Kalyani tells Aayi that she doesn’t want any sadness in the house now. If they won’t let happiness come in, then it will never come.

Update Credit to: Piya

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