Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikrat comes at Kalyani’s place. Kalyani goes to meet him and says sorry for not going to office today. He says not a problem and asks her to sit in car. She asks now? He says yes. They go somewhere. Aayi is thinking about Ketki and feeling bad.

Servant tells Ketki to eat as Sohrab eats outside and comes late home. Ketki still waits for him. She falls asleep while waiting. Sohrab comes and says sorry to her. He didn’t know she would wait for him. She says she is not used to eat alone. He asks her to eat. She asks him won’t he eat. He says he ate in meeting and is not hungry, but he will sit there. He asks her to start and he will go change quickly. She remembers her whole family eating together. Sohrab comes outside and says she still didn’t eat? He goes

to get her dish for her.

Vikrant and Kalyani come at some place. He plays a song. He recalls her words that she is not greedy about money. Song continues..they both are quiet. Kalyani is enjoying the song. Vikrant stops the song and says he heard it 20 times. He thought to make her listen first copy. Kalyani thinks if Ketki was would be so good. Vikrant sits beside her and says he has a family as well. His family doesn’t understand him. But he still makes films with full passion. And that is his identity. He tells Kalyani that her voice is her identity. She says her family is very good..they all understand each other well. She’s upset with Ketki but she knows she loves her a lot.

Sohrab feeds Ketki. She smiles looking at him and then hugs him. She says she will eat by herself now. He goes to sleep and falls asleep instantly. Ketki puts blanket on him and smiles looking at him.

Kalyani is very sad and cries. Vikrant feels her pain and puts his hand on her shoulder. She hugs him and cries. She moves herself back. They both look at each other. Vikrant brings her closer to him. She closes her eyes and they were very close to kissing but both move back. Vikrant says it’s getting late. He will drop her home. He walks out. Kalyani follows him.

They reach her home. Kalyani is lost. Vikrant tells they have reached. She gets off car. He also gets off and stops her. They both look at each other and episode ends.

Precap: In some papers, Vikrant wrote Kalyani’s name instead signing his name. Kalyani blushes somewhat. Later, Sohrab asks Kalyani what she gave to Vikrant that he is so crazy behind her. Kalyani raises her hand to slap him when Kekti comes and shouts KALYANI.

Update Credit to: Piya

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