Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devika continues cooking at her work place. Owner’s brother continues his misbehavior. Owner lady comes and tells what to prepare for lunch. Devaki agrees. Owner asks her devar if he is fine. He says yes..

Kalyani’s shooting continues and delivers her dialogues. Director okays shot in the middle and says he needs close shot of expression next. Kalyani says she can deliver dialogues at once. Director retakes shot and she delivers her shot flawlessly. Everyone clap for her. Sohrab says director is very happy with her performance and may give her lead dialogue. He says she has acting in her genes from her father Rajaram Gaekwad. Grown up Kalyani tells her flashback to reporter and tells she felt very happy when sohrab told she acts like her father.

Ketki dances well with expression in front of teacher and students. Teacher selects her to dance with lead dancer Megha. Ketki jumps in happiness. Grown up Ketki tells her flashback to reporter. She reaches home and tells Aayi that teacher selected her to dance with lead dancer and taunts aayi that she does not know to dance. Aayi plays music and dances. Ketki apologizes her. Kalyani reaches home and smiles seeing this.

Devika finishes her work and calls her owner. Devar comes and says everyone have gone to watch money. He tries to touch her and asks to sit with him. She panics and runs from there.

At night, while having dinne, Ketki tells that she is selected for dance competition. Kalyani warns her to be careful from Megha. Ketki says she goes to work and even aayi goes to work, daadi gets busy with stitches, she feels alone at home. Devika says she can participate in competition.

Devika tells story to Kanishk and reminisces owner’s devar’s misbehavior. She says she will not go to work again. Aayi comes and tells her that she got big order from Ketki’s dancer teacher, Kalyani is working well, and even her salary will increase from this month, so they can arrange Kanishk’s surgery fees. Devika says yes and gets sad.

Precap: Devika’s owner’s brother insists to work for him in Pune. Ketki taunts Kalyani.

Update Credit to: MA

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