Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ketki comes to Kalyani’s home in a dilapidated state. Devika gets her in. Kalyani stops Ketki and says she ruined family’s dignity by eloping with Sohrab. She continues that when Kanishk was breathing last and wanted to meet her, she was busy with Sohrab and did not come. Kanishk died with an unfulfilled wish to meet her. She says she does not have place for her in this house. Ketki walks towards door. Deviks stops her and asks Kalyani why she is overreacting even after seeing Ketki’s condition, she is an elder sister and should not be so harsh, all children make mistake and their parents forgive them, even she should forgive Ketki as an edler sister. Ketki falls unconscious. Doc checks her and says she is pregnant. Whole family gets happy. Aaji dances

singing that her kanha/Kanishk is coming back. Meenakshi comments that Aaji did not remember till yesterday that Kanishk is dead but today is dancing that he will be back. Kalyani also feels happy.

In the morning, Devika cooks for Ketki and asks servants to bring palak. Kalyani comes andstands in front. Devika says her dad also used to look her like this when she used to cook.

Kalyani goes to meet a producer at a 5-star hotel. Producer misbehaves with her and says he will keep her happy like Vikrant. She tries to free herself and falls into swimming pool and shouts for help. A man who met her in music shop rescues her. She sees her face blur. Man’s call comes and he leaves whistling. Kalyani says they both have a connection as they are meeting often.

Ketki gets a call from Protima who asks why is she not picking call from Sohrab. She says she left Sohrab’s house and asks why did she call. Protima asks if she can come for song recording today. Ketki says she is unwell today and will come tomorrow. Protima says her assistant will call her and inform when to come. Ketki says okay and disconnects call. Protima fumes. Ketki then address her dad’s pic that her whole is happy hearing her pregnancy news, even Kalyani will forget her anger soon.

Precap: Sohrab tells Ketki that Devika is not letting him meet her. Ketki says she is pregnant. Protima tells Kalyani that she is arrogant to reject her contract and says she signed contract with Ketki instead. Ketki tells Sohrab that he was not a good son or a good husband.

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