Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

At school, Ketki’s friends ask if she is getting her selected frock as birthday gift. Ketki sits sadly. Aayi stiches clothes to earn money and yells that Devaki is spending money on Ketki’s birthday unnecessarily instead of saving for Kanishk’s operation. She injures her finger with machine needle. Kanishk sees her and calls Kalyani. Aayi asks Kalyani to bring turmeric. Kalyani brings turmeric and says she should go to doc. Aayi says she is fine and has to save money for Kanishk’s operation. Kalyani feels sad.

Kalyani calls Sohrab and asks if the film job he offered is still there. He says yes. She asks him to come and pick him tomorrow and also bring frock for Ketki as birthday gift. In the morning, Sohrab comes with gift and says he had some work in nearby village and remembered Ketki’s birthday, so came with gift. Ketki sees her favorite frock and gets happy. Aayi sees Sohrab and Kalyani’s face and realizes something is wrong.

After some time, Kalyani tells Devaki that she is going to teach maths to her classmate and tries to leave. Devaki stops her and asks where is her school bag. Kalyani picks bag and leaves. She then meets Sohrab who takes her to shooting and says it is a short film of 30 min, but she will get good money. Director explains Kalyani what to do and after day’s work, Sohrab gives her 50 rs envelope. Ketki informs Devaki that classmate went to Pune today, then where did Kalyani go. Aayi asks her not to worry as Kalyani will come back and she must be hiding something for good.

Kalyani reaches home and apologizes family for coming late. Devaki asks where did she go when her classmate had gone to Pune. Kalyani says her teacher sent her to teach 2 students in nearby village and she got advance. Devaki sees 50 rs advance and happily keeps envelope in front of god’s photo. Aayi feels something is wrong. At night, Aayi asks Kalyani if she is working in Sohrab’s film. Kalyani nervously says no. Aayi realizes she is lying.

Precap: Devaki’s boss misbehaves with her. Kalyani tells Sohrab ji that shooting is in their village and what if someone informs aayi or aaji.

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