Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Relatives show concern for Raja’s family and tell Aayi that they feel sad that she lost her only son. Aayi says she has one more son and calls Ananth. Ananth happily comes in front. She pampers him and then slaps him and asks why did he betray Ananth. He stands in a shock. Devika asks what happened. Aayi says he forced Ananth to sell Ranga sangeet to Shyamrao and got a lucrative job in Pune. He killed her Rajaram. Relatives also beat Ananth followed by aayi. Devika stops Aayi and says she does not want voilence on Raja’s chautha and asks Ananth to go. Ananth and his wife leave.

At night, Sohrab tells Devika that he can arrange Kalyani to sing for his film company. Devika says Kalyani is still a child and she does not want her to sell talent. Sohrab

gives her money and says he is happy to help Raja’s family. Devika says she will return money soon and thanks him. He leaves. Kalyani sets bed for Ketki and brother. Ketki cries that she needs baba. Kalyani consoles her.

In the morning, Aayi and Devika go to market to buy vegetables. Devika tells that Sohrab gaave her money yesterday, else she did not have money to buy vegetables. She also says about Sohrab’s job offer for Kalyani. Aayi asks what did she say. Devika says she said no as Kalyani is still small. They both buy vegetables and Devika says she will work as cook in other’s homes and earn for family. Aayi jokes and then asks her to go home. Devika asks where is she going. Aayi says she should not stop when she is going somewhere.

Aayi goes to Ananth’s house and calls him. Meenaxi badmouths and yells ather. Aayi says she heard Shyamrao telling Ananth that he gave money to him, she wants money for her grandson’s surgery. Meenaxi says she will throw it on beggars instead of giving it to her and drags and pushes her out of house. Aayi falls down. Devika goes seeking job to many houses but is turned down. She sadly returns back home.

Ketki sadly reminisces Raja in her schoool. Her classmate taunts her that he told Ranga sangeet will be sold. She angrily runs to beat him, but Kalyani interferes reminds Ketki of her promise made to baba/Raja. Ketki calms down.

At night, family sits for dinner. Devika says food is tasty. Aayi says Kalyani and Ketki prepared it today. Ketki says Ananth’s family is going to Pune instead of being punished. Devika says without proof they cannot do anything.

Precap: Ketki sees aaji going out of house and follows her. Aayi throws kerosene on Ananth’s house and sets afire. They both then walk from there.

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  1. Such real acting by the cast….saw d epi today

  2. Ayi is really good, i m happy they took revenge. This show is superb yaar…it feels as if its our own family’s story.

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