Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning, Aayi and Devika return home from outside and hear Kalyani and Ketki practicing song. Sohrab wakes up hearing their song followed by all guests. Ananth’s wife Meenaxi comes and shouts at them to stop as it is abshagun/inauspicious to sing in a mourning house before 13th day of death. Devika says music used to run in Raja’s blood and his soul will be happy hearing his children singing. Aayi also backs Devika. Meenaxi angrily leaves.

Devika’s relatives tell her it is very difficult to live life without husband. Devika says Aayi is there to help her. They ask to shift to Belvadi as all relatives stay there and they will get help easily. Devika says she will stay in this house as Raja got her here after marriage and her children are

born here, Raja’s music plays in this whole house. Sohrab brings vegetables and gives it to her. She asks why did he take effort. He says he is glad to help Raja’s family and tells he will drop relatives at Belvadi bus stand and go back to Pune and will return on 4th day.

At night, Kekti fills oil in lamp and starts crying. Kalyani consoles her. Brother says he needs baba. Kalyani says god needed good singer in heaven, so he called their baba. He asks them to close eyes and imagine if baba is seen among stars. They close eyes and say yes. Kalyani hears their conversation and cries.

Raja’s 4th day rituals start. All guests gather including Sohrab. Kalyani sings in front of Raja’s photo while musicians play music. Shyamrao comes with Ananth. Devika gets angry seeing him and shouts why did he come here after snatching ranga sangeet, she is quiet as it is her good upbringing to invite all guests in, else she would have kicked him out and asks him to get out. He walks out while Ketki also shouts to get out. Kalyani starts singing again.

Ananth meets Shyamroa outside home and apologize on Devika’s behalf. Shyam rao says even he is sad seeing Raja dying and asks if he gave family money. Ananth says yes and reminds him of job in Pune. Shyamrao says he has not forgotten his promise and knows he wants to settle in Pune. Aayi hears their conversation and fumes.

Precap: Aayi slaps Ananth and shouts he killed Rajaram. Relatives also beat Ananth. Kalyani says she heard Sohrab discussing that they cannot punish Ananth without proof. Ketki asks if they will never punish Ananth kaka.

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