Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalyani gets ready to go to Vikranth’s office. Aayi feeds her sweet curds and wishes her good luck. Kalyani then sees Kekti comes with Sohrab. Ketki gets down from bike and limps. Kalyani asks her what happened. Ketki says nothing and asks her to give her best shot at Vikrant’s office. Kalyani tells Sohrab about signing 3-film contract with Vikranth and says she had no other go to save Kanishk’s life. Sohrab says he was overreacting and he is fine now. Kalyani says he was with her whenever she got a new work and she wants him to accompany her to Vikranth’s studio. He agrees and walks with her.

Kalyani and Sohrab reach Vikranth’s office. Sohrab meets Vikrant alone. Vikrant alleges him that he is living on Kalyani’s money and duping

her. Sohrab says he is wrongly alleging him and crossing his limits. Vikranth continues and asks him to stay away from Kalyani. Sohrab angrily leaves. Kalyani comes in and asks Vikranth if he met Sohrab. Vikanth says yes and he got some important work, so he left.

Ketki at night grooms her hair looking at mirror and signs song. Kanishk comes and plays with her and starts coughing. She gets tensed and calls aayi. Aayi asks Kanishk not to strain himself. Ketki says she is going to Natasha’s house for group studies. Aayi asks her to take Devika’s permission and go as it is already 7 p.m. Ketki says maa herself is out of house at this time.

Kalyani sings song in front of Vikranth. Vikranth’s assistant comes and says Kalyani forgot to sign papers which states she can work only at Shiv Pictures. Vikranth asks Kalyani to sign papers. She signs and touches assistant’s feet. Assistant asks what is she doing. Kalyani says his dad asked her to take elder’s blessings before any new work, so she is taking his blessings. He blesses and leaves. Vikranth slilenty watches Kalyani and says she should practice and he will drop her home.

Vikranth drops Kalyani at night in his car. Sohrab on his bullet watches them going. Ketki calls Sohrab’s home and his mom shouts at her and disconnects call. Ketki then reaches Sohrab’s house and waits outsie. Sohrab comes on his bike and asks what is she doing here, if her leg is fine. She says Natasha’s house is nearby, so she came here. Sohrab says he will drop her home and takes her on his bike.

Rose tastes Devika’s food and asks Aayi if she can marry Devika. Aayi laughs and says she prepares better food than Devika. Rose asks if she can marry her then. Aayi laughs loudly. Devika comes. Rose kisses her hands and says she prepares excellent food and offers to work with her in her bakery. Devika agrees.

Ketki reaches home and stands in balcony with Kanishk. Vikranth drops Kalyani. Kalyani thanks him and he says it is okay and leaves. Kanishk asks Kekti who is he. Ketki says he is famous producer diector Vikranth.

Precap: Ketki and Kalyani gift pearl necklace to Devika. Devika happily hugs them. Sohrab says Kalyani that he loves her.

Update Credit to: MA

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