Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sorabh escapes from Goon’s clutch via window and runs. Ketki continues her singing. Goon calls Protima and informs her that Sorabh escaped via window. She orders him to catch Sorabh before Ketki finishes her song. Ketki finishes her song. Everyone congratulate her. Sorabh comes there and drags Ketki with him. Protima warns her to stay away from Ketki, else she will call police. He says she can call police, he will inform who kidnapped him. She stands silently. Sorabh drags Ketki from there.

Ketki goes to doc after coughing up blood. Doc after her checkup says she ate mercury which is found in sindhoor or similar kind of material, asks what she ate last. She says she drank orange juice last night. He says sindhoor’s color is orange and someone must

have mixed it in her juice.

KVK comes to Kalyani’s house. Maid gets happy seeing him and starts staring. He asks if he can come in and gets in. She follows him. He meets Aaji and starts chatting. Kalyani comes home with Shivang. Shivang says Tai coughed up blood and doc told she ate mercury found in sindhoor or similar things. Everyone get concerned. Kalyani says she is fine. Meenakshi says she will call Devika. Kalyani requests not to inform mom. Meenakshi starts alleging Maid. Maid says she cannot think of harming didi and says Meenakshi took juice from her. Aaji says she knew Meenakshi and her family wants to harm Kalyani. Meenakshi starts acting and says she will leave her home. Kalyani stops her and asks Shivang to take her to her room. Meenakshi, Shivang, and Megha walk smirking.

Kalyani then goes and waters plants reminiscing Aaji’s words and Meenakshi forcing her to drink juice. KVK comes and asks what is she doing. She says these plants are her friends. He says elders won’t lie and she should not trust anyone blindly. She nods yes. He says even he wants to be her friend.

Sohrab brings Ketki home and forcefully takes her in. He tries to get intimate. His mom comes on wheelchair and Ketki runs behind her. Mom warns him to stay away from Ketki and says he spoilt her life. He says she blames him for everything and says she is a bad mother. Mom sits dumbstuck. Sohrab forces Ketki then into room and locks her in bathroom. She knocks door repeatedly and pleads to open door.

Precap: Sorabh locks Ketki and his mother in rooms. Kalyani asks Sorabh what he needs to get out of Ketki’s life. He says he needs her for a night.

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