Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanishk is rushed to hospital in Rose’s car. Dr. Jahangir checks him and says his condition is very critical and he needs to be operated within 72 hours and they need to arrange 50,000 rs. Kalyani and Ketki cry hugging each other. At night, Rose offers Devika monetary help, but Devika rejects her offer. She drops Devika, Kalyani, and Ketki home via her car and consoles Devika not to worry, Kanishk will be fine soon.

In the morning, Ketki tells Kalyani that they should take Sohrab’s help, else Kanishk will die. Kalyani says they cannot take his help and she will do something. Ketki reminisces her college’s singing competition with 11,000 rs price money. She tells Kalyani they will meet outside college at 1 p.m. She goes to college and requests senior to enroll her name in competition. Senior shouts that last date has finished and she cannot break college’s rules. Ketki’s friend says her that she will speak to senior in the evening once she calms down. Kalyani goes to Vikranth’s office, but his secretary says Vikranth will not meet anyone today. Kalyani says her brother is in hospital and she needs to meet Vikranth at any cost. Secretary says she cannot help, but sends her in finally.

Devika goes to jeweler to sell her necklace. Jeweler offers her 11,000 rs. She says it is antique piece. He says he will get only gold out of it. She says she will go to another shop. He gives her 11,000 rs. She goes to hospital and informs aayi that she could not arrange much money and they should sell their nagthane’s house. Aayi says they cannot sell it in 2 days and suggests her to take Rose’s help. Rose comes to hospital and shows her marathon pamphlet which street boy gave them in market and says she will get 50,000 rs price money if she wins marathon.

Ketki goes to college and enters competition venue without permission. Devika participates in marathon and starts running. Kalyani requests Vikranth to give her 3-film contract’s money at once as her brother is in hospital and needs to be operated immediately.

Precap: Ketki sings Jimmy jimmy on stage. Kalyani signs 3-film contract. Devika runs in marathon.

Update Credit to: MA

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