Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalyani tells Vikrant that people are telling he is giving her chance because of her beauty and not her talent. He says he get 100s of more beautiful new aspirants daily, but he gave her chance due to her talent and if she doubts her talent, the she should get out from there.

Kalyani says Sohrab that he loves her. He gets nervous and says she is not even 20 and he is her father’s friend and knows her since childhood. She says she does not know all this. He says this is not right. She says they will not talk about it, but she will not stop loving him.

Kalyani enters recording room and sings a beautiful song. Vikant gets impressed and offers her 3-film contract with him. She says she will have to consult her manager who takes care of all her legal and professinoal matters and charges 30% of her pay. He asks if she works with good people, she does not need manager.

Rose drops Devika in her car. Devika takes her to her chawl and sees Aayi rushing down holding Kanishk. They rush Kanishk to Bombay Hospital in Rose’s car.

Kalyani and Ketki buy kite and thread for Kanishk and meet Sohrab in a cafe. Sohrab orders tea. Kalyani says Vikrant told manager charges 20%. Sohrab says manager does a lot of work. Kalyani says Vikrant says he will give contract only if manager is not involved. Sohrab nervously looking at Kekti says okay. She says Vikrant wants her to sign a 3-film contract. He shouts she does not know Vikrant, most of his films don’t release and mostly relase 10 years later, he will ruin her career. She says she has to go home now and leaves with Ketki.

Kalyani and Ketki reach home where Radha maasi informs them that Kanishk’s condition worsened and Devika/Aayi took him to Bombay Hospital. They both rush towards hospital and at hospital Dr. Jahangir says Kanishk’s condition is critical and he needs to be operated within 72 hours and they need to arrange 50,000 rs. They get tensed.

Precap: Devika sells her jewelry for Kanishk’s operation. Kalyani asks Vikrant to pay her 3-film contract money now itself for her brother’s operation. Devika says Dr. Jahangir that she still has to arrange some money for 50,000 rs. Dr. Jahangir says he cannot help.

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