Hey guys soooo sorry i for late update…..thank u soooo much for ur huge support
In 1st epi we saw that every1 in parekh family hates ishani except RITIKA…..

Its night,every1 comes for dinner Ishani serves dinner to every1…every1 starts eating but ritika didnt as she always eats with ishani…
sooo cahitali ask her to eat
then disha says- mom she didnt eat as we know she eats with that CHHIPKALI(LIZARD)
ritika is about to shout on disha but ishani signals her to keep quite
and chaitali scold disha and says- DISHA,ishani is ur sister soo dont call her with such dirty names…(Ritika,ishani,disha& nimisha r shoked)
Chaitali- y u all r soo shocked????
Ishani is my daughter!!!
come ishani!joine us in dining table…ishanis eye gets teary with happiness and surprise….ritika is also happy for ishani…
Chaitali make seat ishani on chair
Ritikas eyes also gets teary with happiness……chaitali says- we all were torcher u since many years..but u r soo sweet ishani..u never says a word to me….im really sorry beta! and folds her hand
Ishani ask her not to apologies u r like my mom chachi plzz
Sharman stands up and says- noo ishani mon is ri8 ….im sorry im ur elder brow but never compleats any responcibality towerds u…i m sorry….then ritika interupt & says
RITIKA-oh!!!! mom & bhai ishani says naa that she forgive u…plzzz now stop all this…i have to eat parathas
then every1 happily eats….guys ishani is living in servents room…ritika comes there
ISHANI- ritika di!!u r here
Ritika- yeah dear…come with me & close ur eyes & dont ask any questions okk???
ishani does….ritika bring ishani in beautiful room!
Ishani opens the eyes & see her momdads room..she never see that room as chaitali& sharman never allow her to enter in that room..she emotionally sees every wall,corner& photoes of room..she gets happy but ask
ishani- ritika di but chachi???
ritika- dont worry!!mom give u parmittion to stay in this the whole room is urs!!
Ishani gets happy!!!!
ritika- ishani now go and sleep..u have to do pooja in morning.
ishani- really!!!!
ritika nodes happyly& says- see ishani its all result of ir faith everything is fine…im really happy for u!!!
ishani- yeah di! they both hug each other….in morning ishani does the pooja…chaitali sharman showers love on her

after several day,
chaitali gathers the all family in hall…every1 ask her what happen??
she says chaitali- its goood news!ritika do u remembar i gave ur& ishanis photo to pandit ji for mirrage
ritika(confusely)-yeah!mom but what happen?????
Everyone looks on
chaitali- (happily)…u know RANBIR WAGHELA.. the most successfull eligible bachler of mumbai likes ishani….he wanted to marry with ishani……
Ritika happily hugs ishani.
chaitali-ishani,u r very lucky beta..ranbir is like diamond…he has chain of hotels in mumbai,he will really love u in future….sharman is also happy for ishani
chaitali gives photo of runbir to ishani….ishani looks @photo
ritika- ishani,he is soo u like him??????
ishani-yes di…chachi like him so im also like him…i know chachi will chose best….
chaitali looks proudly & hugs ishani…ishani is very happy!!!

Credit to: Tamanna

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