Helloooooo guys Tamanna here …im sooooo sorry for late update…thank u sooooo much for ir huge responce& comment..its really precious to me…here we start our 1st epi of matsh FEELING OF LOVE..

The epi starts with
a small vilage is shown..beautiful vilage…a haveli is shown..its parekh haveli….its beautiful early morning….a girl hurrily rushed to downstairs…wait for some1 in house temple…..its toooo late 6:5am…….she looks each& every corner of hall….then she lights the dia…her face is shown she is really cute…she is our ISHANI..

she closes her eyes& prays for happiness of her family…a loud voice comes to her ear..”HOW DARE U ISHANI…WHO ALLOW U TO LIGHT DIA OF TEMPLE””
she fearfully turn & find its her chachi(chaitali)….hearing loud voice of chaitali every1 gathered in hall….
Ishani- chachi ji woh
chaitali- enough….y u r not ask me before doing this?????…pointing towerds temples dia..& says ur manhus& u make my temple dirty by entering in it…..ishani gets teary eye…..she is about to close dia but some1 hold her hand…she is RITIKA….yeah guys’!!!…ritika always supports ishani against her mom..her family…
CHAITALI-what r u doing ritika????
ritika- mom i have to ask this to u..what r doing…ur always saying that dia is the symbol of our love,affection to God…and now ur going to closed it????why??????
Chaitali-beacause it was lightten by ishani….she is mhanus..when she was come in world she ate her ma-papa..chacha(chaitalis husband)..i didnt want to get any fever from her…..its ur ,disha,nimishas duty to lighten the dia….not her
RITIKA-enough mom….i know today i should lighten the dia…but i got late& its too ishani did it..its not her fault…plzzzz dont shout on her….its my fault
ISHANI- no di…i should have to wait for u for lightten the dia..i did mistake…chachiji im ready for ur punishment….
ritika- but ishani
chachi- today i will give hollyday to all servant..u have to do all the work
ishani- okkk…
every1 starts leaving except ritika…ritika scold ishani for accepting the punishment…ishani says
ishani- no di i made mistake soo
ritika- nooo ishani u have right to lighten the dia…ur owner of this house harshadkaka leaves all property to ur name…and u????
ishani goes in kitchan started to prepare breakfast…ritika helps her & says
ritika- ishani..when will u learn to fight for ur rights?????
ishani smiles & says- soo i fight to my own family dii??????
ritika- family my foot!!!!! aisi family jisne tumse kabhi pyar kiya hi nahi
wooo family joo her waqt tumhe dukh aur takleep deti hai
ishani- enough di!!!! im not able to hear anything against my family…i know chachi,sharman bhaiyya,disha& nimisha bhabi didnt love me….but i love them from core of heart…and i have strong faith that one day they all love me…one day chachi allow me to light dia….one day sharman bhai allow me to tight RAKHI In his hand….sooo no need to fight..she looks at ritika….ritikas eyes filled with tears
ishani says with all concern- what happen di???????????
ritika- nothing & hugs ishani
ritika says in mind- plzzzzz God give all happinesss to my ishani


Credit to: Tamanna

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  1. Nice ..waiting fr rv entry

  2. Nice tamanna…i like ritika ishani bondng

  3. Aarthy saravanan

    When will u introduce our hero? I am looking forward for that episode .Anyways keep on rocking congrats.

  4. Please introduce our hero soon.ur starting is nice .keep on rocking Tamanna and my hearty congrats to u.

  5. Really good….. I just started imagining while reading Ritika hugging Ishani nd having tears in her eyes for Ishani…… that’s way too gud… all the best for ur upcoming ffs

  6. No yaar……its too good but pls do entry of our hero ”RANVEER”……

  7. really amazing yaar no more mistakes but soon sharman and nimisha’s charecters would be positive na this is small request and our hotty hero how will be intorduced na eagarily waiting for ranveer’s intro

  8. Honestly says Tammana it’s aswsome. I’st epi was roking speed. And ur intro of ishani simply superb.ritika well wisher of ishani. Aswsome pa.and ur storyline is really different from matsh. Thats fantastic job.

  9. Rookey Rookers

    dont use di , its not good , then is isha father , mother died ? then pls dont use hindi as we cant able to understand that . then where is my hero ? ranvi . introduce him soon . . .

  10. Its too good Tamanna.and I am waiting for my rv’s intro.

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  12. Awesome But plzz introduce my hero Rv ..

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