meri ashiqui ## KANCHI ff epi 8- valentines day reunion

Hiiiiii everyoneナナ..thanx for ur comments likes..and suggestionsナナI hope you will like todays episodeナ without wasting time I am jumping up to storyナ
And a belated happy valetines dayナナナtake this ei as valentines day giftナナ.

Recap-kabir is kidanapped by riyaナ..sanhi asks veer to track riya’s phoneナナsanveerishgyaナ.are on their way to reach to riyaナナ

Sanveerishagyaナ..are on carナ.meharya also comes behind themナ find kabirナナ
Otherside preist is calledナナ.and all arrangement are being done for marriageナナkabir is still unconsciousナナthe gang reachesナ.thereナナmehak is about to rush insideナナ.but sanchi stops herナ

Mehak-what happen sanchiナ..kabir is inside and you are stoping meナ

Sanchi – mehak diナナ.try to understand we cant go inside like thisナ..riya has fixed goonナナand we will fail to bring kabir back if we go like thisナ

Shaurya-yes mehakナ.sanchi is rightナ

Veer-than what will we doナ

Sanchi-I have planナ
Sanchi tell them the planナ.which is mutedナall agrees with her planナ

After sometimeナ
Riya sits for marriageナand asks goon to bring kabirナ.goon brings kabirナ.who is still unconscious ナ.goon makes him sit beside riyaナriya smirksナ.
Marriage rituals startナナ.suddenly it becomes smoky everywhereナ..everyone starts coughingナ..

Riya-who the hell has done thisナナdo somethingナナ..
Goon opens the windowナ.everything gets clearナ.what shock was that kabir was missingナナriya gets angry and slaps a goon

Riya-where did kabir goナナ.i will kill you allナ..go find himナナ.

goon is about to go outナbut shaurya comes in and hits the goonナ..goon falls on the floorナナriya gets angry and orders her other goons to attack shauryaナ.shaurya starts fighting with themナ..veer isha pragya and mehak also joins himナナ
ishagya amd mehakナナbits the goons with iron rodsナ.while shaurya and veer is beating goons badlyナナナ
suddenly a goon hits shaurya with a rodナshaurya’s head starts bleedingナナナ.mehak sees it and runs towards shauryaナ.
.but riya catches her in betweenナナand keeps a knife on her neckナナ.shaurya is shockedナナ.

shaurya-riyaナ.leave my mehakナ..or I will not spare youナナ

riya- oo realyナgive me kabir I will give you mehakナナ..where is kabirナ

pragya-see riya don’t doo pagalpandiナ

veer-riyaナ.how could you do this being my sisterナ.

Riya-sister my footナナ.i said tell me where is kabirナ..or elseナ

Riya tightens her grip around mehak’s neckナ
Shaurya gets angry and starts stepping forward with a angry lookナ..veerishagya gets worriedナナ.

Riya- I will kill her mr shaurya khannaナナナ.i am sayingナナ

Shaurya doesn’t stopsナナand punches riya’s handナ..knife fallsナナ..and the same timeナナpolice comes there and catches all goons and riya tooナナ.mehak comes and hugs shaurya tightlyナ..shaurya wipes her tearsナ

Mehak-I love you shauryaナ.

Shaurya- I love you tooナナmehakナ..i would have died if anything happens to you..

Mehak puts her hand on shaurya’s mouthナナthey share an eyelockナナ.while veerishagya smiles seeing their love for each otherナ.

Veer-I hope sanchi and kabir is fine by nowナ

Mehak-yahナ.now we have to go to our homes ナwe all also have to leave for shimla day after tommorowナナ..

Isha-ohhh yahナナ.and I have to doo shoppingナ..okey pragya we will go for shopping nowナナ.

Pragya and veer hits isha’s headナナ.and isha gives them a puppy wala cute expressionナナmeharya smiles seeing their bondingナ.

@next dayナ. At SHIMLAナ..beautiful mountains are shownナ.itss a natural beautyナナ

A room s shownナ.where kabir is lyingナナwithout shirtナナcovered with a blanketナ.kabir wakes upナ and confused to see his surroundingナナ.then he looks himselfナ.and shocked to see himself without shirtナナ.

Kabir(shouts)-ohhhh noナ..i am married to riya thenナナand she told we will be coming to Singapore for honeymoonナナ.and we are in Singaporeナナナand I m without clothesナナ.that meansナナ..oh noナナ will I show my face nowナナ.

Kabir sits on bed holding his headナ..

Then sanchi comes their and sits infront of himナ.

Sanchi-good morning dr kabirナ.

Kabir-good morning sanchiナナ

Then he realize that its sanchiナナ..he lifts his headナナナand sees sanchi smiling at himナナhe could not understand anythingナナ.

Sanchi-don’t be so confused..i save you from that chudail riyaナ..ohkkkナ should be thankful to meナ..


Sanchi narrates him everything what happenedナナ.and how he brought unconscious kabirナ shimlaナ..

Kabir sighsナナand then looks at sanchi who was wearingナ.kabir’s shirtナナナ.and was looking damn hotナ

Kabir-so not riyaナナ.but you took advantage of meナナ..that means we are now oneナナ.right

Sanchi gives him a confused lookナナ.

Kabir-don give that lookナナナyou are wearing my shirtナナ.soナ..that meansナナwe spend our first night before marriageナナ..

Sanchi-you kabirナナ..idoitナナ..due to rain my clothes got wetナナ I weared your shirtナナナ

Kabir-don’t give excusesナナi know your bad intentionsナナ..

Sanchi starts puching kabir’s chestナ.and they both falls downナon bedナkabir on top of sanchiナナ.they both share an eyelockナ.kabir touches her nose with hisナthey both smile seeing each otherナ.and hugs each other tightlyナ

Ik vaari aa bhi jaa yaaraナ
Ik vaari aa ナ
Raah takun main becharaナ.
Ik vaari aaaナ Ik vaari aa bhi jaa yaaraナ.
Ik vaari aa ナ
Raah takun main becharaナ.
Ik vaari aaaナ.

Sanchi gets ready and wears a red sleeveless top with blue knee length jeansナ.and made a high ponyナナtoday kabir also did not weared his formal dressナhe weared a red t-shirt and a blue shirt on top off itナナwith blue jeansナ..he was looking handsomeナナboth went for shopping holding each other’s handナin the streets of shimlaナ.

Othersideナin delhiナ.meharya and veerishagya also went for shopping as they were coming to shimlaナto join kanchiナ.
Mehak is selecting dressesナ..and shaurya is following her everywhere like a majnuナ(mad lover)ナ. he stood quitely and looked at her flying hairs mesmerizedナ.she was selecting shirts for shauryaナ..He looks at her romanticly n she kept browsing shirts selecting the best ones for himナ.he smiles seeing her beautiful wife..ナ

Dhal rahi shaam hai ナ
Dil tere naam hai ..
Iski aadat padi haiナ
Teri yaariyan ナ
Chaand hoon main..
tu hai taaraナ
Ik vaari aaナ
Ik vaari aa bhi jaa yaaraナ.
Ik vaari aaナ..

Sanchi and kabir wents to mallナsanchi is selecting dressesナ..after selection sanchi goes and search kabirナナ

suddenly he comes n held her hand n forcefully takes her to jwelleries section ナshe makes poutナ..kabir makes puppy face and ask her to selectナ
she selects few earringナhe saw her taking out her earrings wearing the other once. ナ.he took the other earringナ..and made her wear the other earringナ..she looks at herself in the mirrorナ he was lost in her beauty n admires herナナ
she looked at him n gestured how Is it looking.he smiled n nodded his head romanticallyナ.

Ye ishq ki intehaナ
Lene lagi imtehaaナ.
Had se guzarne lagi..
hai Meri chaahatenナ.

At eveningナ.sun is about to setナ
Otherside veer isha and pragya are walking pragya is busy in her phoneナsuddenly satish pragya’s boyfriend come from backナナナpragya jumps in happiness and hugs satishナ.now all four veer isha pragya satish walks on street holding each other’s handナ.

Dhadkan ki betaabiyan ナ
Karne lagi iltazaaナ
Lag jaa gale se zara ナ
To mile rahateinナ
Bas tujhe chaahnaナ
Ik yahi kaam haiナ
Kaam aane lageeナ
Saari bekaariyan ナ
Uspe samaa bhi hai pyaaraナ
Ik vaari aaナ
Ik vaari aa bhi jaa yaaraナ
Ik vaari aa..

Otherssideナ..mehak and shaurya in delhi beach and sanchi and kabir at shimla watches sunsetナナholding each others handナナ..and then hugs each otherナ..
Episode ends with meharya.kanchi.ishveer.and pratishナhappy facesナナ

Precap-kanchi is seen in temple taking blessings of godナ..riya is coming there holding a gunナ.meharya ishveer and pratish are also coming there a gunshot is heardナ.meharya ishveer pratish are shockedナナ
I hope you all like today’s episodeナ..and soory for precapナナナlov u allナナ..

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  1. So guys I don’t aj Abt this episode bcoz it’s simply amazing
    But I have bad news to kaanchi fans that’s in sdch of original story veer and sanchi toget marry so ppl plz don’t waste ur tym on watching this show who ever prefer kaanchi would b best pair and who ever watch this show to c them untie

    So plz don’t waste ur precious tym for this

    1. Niyaaa

      Thanx for informing us dear.. But m to kafi time se ye show dekhna band kar diya h…bas ab TU p ff se hi kaam chala rahe h..nd wase bhi ff os fs ye sab real show se 10000000000000*** times better h???

  2. Aafiya

    Superb.. Description of the scene was beautiful..

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    superb epi………..but i shocked to see precap……………i hope everything will be fine……………………love you………….

  4. Amazing episode

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  9. Awesome episode…. Dr…pls update next soon

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